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Hey guys! Haven’t written in a while so I figured I’d catch you up on a lot of things.

Middle-Earth : Shadow Of War/Star Wars Battlefront 2

Of course they’re going to have microtransactions! Why wouldn’t they?

So, if you don’t know, Microtransactions are a plague that are sweeping across the gaming communities. Effectively it boils down to this : “Don’t wanna grind in the game to get the best weapon? Well just pay me $20 in real life and I’ll give you the best weapon in the game.” Then anyone who doesn’t pay $20 basically can’t play the game.

This will be the death of gaming if we remain silent. Now, many people will combat me on this and say “But Vance, Overwatch is one of your favorite games and it has the same loot box system that Battlefront and Shadow of War are going to have.” Which is true, but Overwatch’s is just cosmetic items. You want the emote where winston eats Peanut Butter? You want a new Sombra Skin? You want McCree to say a Tombstone quote? Well get some loot boxes! The point is that those don’t affect the gameplay at all and Loot boxes are pretty easy to get for free cause you get one every time you level up. Battlefront and Shadow Of War might be the same way we’ll just have to wait and see.

Deadpool 2

They’ve released the the first pictures of Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino.

I think Zazie looks great as Domino, she’s never been one of my favorite characters but she’s important to Deadpool’s arc and I think she’ll be a great addition.

I was curious about Brolin as Cable initially but the more I think about it I don’t really know if I’d want anyone else in the role. Also, this means that Brolin is the first man to star across the three major comic film companies of Fox(Cable), Marvel(Thanos) and even DC(Jonah Hex, yes, it happened.)

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the first film these pictures make me excited to see what they can do with the storyline. Also, does the teddy bear in the cable picture mean we’re gonna see Hope Summers? If so, it’s gonna be crazy.

My trip to Castlevania

I had never played a single second of a Castlevania game. I just never got around to try out the series and then about a month ago everyone kept telling me to watch the Castlevania Netflix series and so I bided my time until finally one day I sat down and watched the series and absolutely loved it and was furious when I realized it was basically just an 80 minute movie instead of a long season. Fortunately, they’ve already announced that Season 2 will be 8 episodes instead of 4 and that they’re already in production so a lot of people are assuming Halloween of 2018 as a release date. I don’t wanna wait that long but whatever.

So, after loving the series, I decided to try my hand at the games. After research, and not being able to find a copy of Symphony Of The Nighy, I decided to download Castlevania 3 : Dracula’s Curse(The one that the show is based on.) on my 3DS and it is one of the most difficult games I’ve played. It’s so frustrating! But it’s been pretty great to play through it and I’ve actually enjoyed it quite a bit, can’t wait to try out other games in thr series.

Fandom Review


Nintendo has announced that they’ll be releasing the SNES Classic and has already said that they’ll be putting more systems out this time then last year’s NES Classic which was considered almost impossible to find due to them putting out less than 3 million units. Considering the Switch sold more than that in it’s first month you would think that they would’ve put more out. Bottom line, hopefully they can learn from their mistakes this time around.

The controller cord will be longer and there will be 21 games for it including The Legend Of Zelda : A Link To The Past, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

Dynasty Warriors

I absolutely love the Dynasty Warriors series. I love the history of the stories it’s based on, I love the over the top action and I love the wild, outrageous characterizations of some of histories most powerful generals. This looks phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what they do with the series on a modern day console.


Well it appears that sony has no idea what they’re doing. The recently announced films of Venom and Silver and Black have been confirmed as having no connections to the MCU…which is pretty stupid in my opinion but then again, I’m not a producer for either company. I personally think that Sony can give us a good film but it doesn’t make sense for them to not continue along with Marvel. The merger giving us Spider-Man in Civil War helped to make it into one of the best films of 2016.

We’ll still have to wait and see but I do worry about what this means for Spider-Man films in the long-term. I do love Tom Hardy as Venom and I think he’ll give us a great performance…I would just love for that performance to be alongside Tom Holland.

Meanwhile the Producer of Marvel Studios has announced that the sequel to Spider-Man : Homecoming will be the only film confirmed for Phase 4 until after Infinity War. Supposedly the sequel will be the perfect film to lead us into the future of Marvel following the insanity of Infinity War.

Han Solo

And our final story gives us huge, unfortunate news coming from the set of the Han Solo film. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have left the project due to “Creative Differences” which is the fanciest way to say “I don’t like them anymore” ever.

This does worry me a bit due to Lord and Miller alway appearing very laid back and easy to work with during interviews. Was Lucasfilm that difficult to work for?

According to different sources, The duo have said that they felt like they had no creative freedom with this film and that there was no chance for what they wanted to do with it. There were rumors about the Rogue One reshoots being very similar but overall it was said that Gareth Edwards was still proud of the final product(and he absolutely should be.)

Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan have come out and said that Lord and Miller would film 2 or 3 camera setups on one scene when they could have easily done the 10 to 15 that the studio wanted for editing purposes. Supposedly, Lord and Miller listened but didn’t follow through. Naturally, this is all hearsay from a few different sources but the bottom line is that they’re out and now Ron Howard has stepped in to finish shooting the film which is still scheduled to come out in May.

Also, apparently they’ve hired a acting coach for Alden Ehrenreich. This is a very odd choice to do this late in production but at least they’re trying to fix the problems.

So the real questions are will Lord and Miller return to filming The Flash? Will Han Solo be a disjointed mess? And will Ehrenreich’s performance be so flip floppy that we won’t even be able to focus on the good parts? Hopefully all good things will come to fruition soon.(I.E. Apparently Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm got along great during The Last Jedi so that’s great!)

Fandom Review(05/19/17)

Sorry about the lateness of this article but there have been some other big things going on such as Guardians and Secret Empire so here’s an article of just different quick hits that I’ve missed over the last few months.

Fox Marvel

So Fox is off and doing some big things with their side of the Marvel Universe and hopefully it pays off for them much better than the Horrendous X-Men : Apocalypse did.

First up we have “The Gifted” it’s an X-Men show directed by Bryan Singer and it’s focusing on a family on the run after their two children develop mutant abilities. It features well known X-Men like Polaris, Psylocke and Blink while not actually focusing on The X-Men team itself. This is something that I wouldn’t do because I think the X-Men are perfect for a television series but if you’re gonna go with a more basic storyline of Mutants on the run then this works and I think that Singer’s best work has been in televison(House) and so this might actually surprise me and be really good. Here’s the official trailer for the show :

Next, Fox has released the dates for three different X-Men films in 2018.

April 13: The New Mutants

I find it odd that the one that’s less than a year away is the one that I know the least about. Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nat Wolff have all been rumored to have different roles in the film but nothing’s confirmed yet, not even Xavier’s role is confirmed.

Josh Boone is the official director of the film and has hinted at Wolfsbane, Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magik, and Warlock being the main characters with Williams as Wolfsbane and Taylor-Joy as Magik. I’d be perfectly fine with those choices for them and I love all the other characters so I guess I’m ready for the new mutants…even though I hardly know anything about it.

June 1: Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is finally on it’s way for everyone who loved the first one. Josh Brolin has officially been cast as Cable and Zazie Beets will be playing Domino in this new film directed by David Leitch(John Wick)

My thoughts on the first one were of the minority of a lot of people but Ryan Reynolds does play a good Wade Wilson and if they focus on Deadpool more as an actual hero then I’ll be happy with this one.

November 2: Dark Phoenix

Now this one, I’m just struggling to have faith in. This isn’t the first time we’ve tried the Phoenix storyline and it’s also focusing on a Jean Grey that’s willing to kill someone in Cold Blood.(Angel, sorry about the spoilers but honestly the movie isn’t worth it.) I might just be ready for the entire series to go back to Marvel, who’s consistently given us great films. Unfortunately, Fox won’t do a merger. So we’re gonna have sub-par X-Men films for a long time.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is nothing short of Brilliant. It’s been an incredible playthrough and I haven’t completed the story just yet but I can say that the gameplay mechanics are incredibly improved for just about every character and the new characters fit into the roster very well. The balance between fighters is about as perfect as you can get for a fighting game and the only issue I had was with Green Lantern losing a good amount of his previous abilities but maybe I just need to play as him more because he’s honestly the only character I have a problem with so far.

The Multiverse Mode and The ability to customize your character only make for a more immersive experience and allow you to really get more out of your game. It makes it a lot more interesting to try out different loadouts for different play styles.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Injustice 2 and it’s definitely worth picking up if you’re a DC fan or a Fighting game fan.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Obviously I’m really excited for this one. Although the previous outing had a few different issues for a modern day fighting game this one looks like it could more than redeem the series and bring it back to the forefront where it belongs. The two trailers reveal some pretty big additions to the game such as characters like Ultron, Sigma and Captain Marvel being in the game as well as the new infinity stone dynamic. According to the MVCI website you can choose an infinity stone before you fight to help out your character in a different way. So far the power and space stones are all we see being used in the trailers but we’ll no doubt see more soon enough.

Here’s the story trailer for you :

And here’s the gameplay trailer :

Shadow of War

Shadow of War is the sequel to monolith’s hit, Middle Earth : Shadow Of Mordor game. I’m very excited for this as I am a huge fan of the Middle Earth mythos, as well as the first game, and I just think that they’re going to improve on everything that made the first one great. The combat looks fresh and even more brutal and the nemesis system featuring attacking and defending strongholds is definitely a welcome change in dynamic for the series. I’m sure there will still be some stealth elements but I’m really happy to see a switch for larger battles that can test our consoles hardware.

And for those of us worried about exploration and being tied down to one area too much then check out this trailer :

I can’t wait for this game and I’ll probably be pre-ordering it soon.


Star Trek Discovery 

Star Trek is one of those fandoms that I just never got into. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or that it wasn’t interesting to me. It just seemed Daunting to jump into a series that had 5o years of backstory. I had the same issue getting into shows like Doctor Who or animes that had hundreds of episodes like Dragon Ball or Naruto but after watching this trailer and falling in love with the reboot films then I have to say that I am incredibly ready for this series. James Frain as Sarek is basically fan-casting in my opinion and featuring multiple throwbacks to the original series while also going to new planets and new stories. Which makes me wonder, is there a big discovery that they find or is it just a fitting title for Star Trek in general? We’ll have to wait and see this fall.



Now a lot of people have been giving this picture a lot of crap and yes, Karnak and Gorgon don’t look perfect but honestly they kinda look deformed in the comics so maybe this is a good change in the aesthetic. Medusa is supposed to have a lot more hair but I’m assuming that it’ll expand and recede around her during fight scenes and anything else like that. Crystal looks like she’s just straight from the comics so I’m perfectly fine with her but the part of this image that really sticks out to me is Black Bolt and Maximus. I’ve never watched Hell on Wheels but I’ve heard that Anson Mount is great and I’m excited to see the gravitas he brings to the King of Inhumans and as for Maximus…Iwan Rheon was practically meant for this role. We know how great he is at playing a villain from Game Of Thrones and I think he’s gonna do some great things here.

Overall, I’m excited for this show and if I have the opportunity then I’m gonna go see it in Imax when it comes out but I do worry about both it, and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. struggling with a Friday night time-slot. It’s typically considered to be a death sentence for most shows and I hope this one breaks that rule.

DC Dark Days and Beyond…

There’s some big stuff going on over at DC, first off we have the major summer crossover that’s being spearheaded by Scott Snyder. Yeah, take that in for a bit. Snyder, arguably the best writer of the last ten years, is doing a major DC Crossover. First up is the two Dark Days Preludes : “The Forge” and “The Casting” and the only thing that’s really been revealed is that The Forge will have the first appearance of the Joker since Rebirth started…which is pretty huge in itself but there’s also been a secret of The DC universe that’s set to be revealed and then pave the way for “Dark Nights : Metal” which is the return of Snyder and Capullo working as a team. Here’s a preview image :

Batman with battleaxes, a bloody mouth and a tattered cape in front of a giant fire is about as Metal as it gets. Want more? I know. Here’s Capullo drawing the Justice League as Gladiators :

I might be too excited for this book. I have no idea what it’s actually about yet but I know it’s going to be fantastic.

Now as interesting as I think Metal is going to be this next image is what makes me have a lot of questions :

So we know from the above image that Dark Days, Night and Matter are banners for each different/period of Comics. According to reports from DC these new stories will focus heavily on the artworks as well as the writing and will even give the artists the top billing on the covers. Metal is going to be one of six different series but they’ve kept a lot of it close to their chests and I don’t blame them. They did release this image telling us which artist is working on what :

So far the only writer that I know of Scott Snyder, Who’s working on Metal with Capullo and on New Challengers with Andy Kubert. But I’m excited to see where some of these series go because these are genuinely some of the better artists in the world.

All of this is what will be leading us to Doomsday Clock which is due out in November.

Obviously I’m happy to see Johns and Frank coming back together to do anything but I’m especially happy that they’re handling the major crossover between DC and Watchmen. Apparently it’s been heavily influenced by different things that are happening in the world following the anger, fear and general divided state of the world and it’s people. It’s being described as Optimism Vs Pessimism by Johns and will mainly focus on Dr. Manhattan and Superman. Other characters will show up but they’re the main focus and I think that’s the best way to do it. My thoughts on Watchmen have always been a minority and I’m glad that from the sound of it, Johns and I fully agree on the story but we’ll get to that and more on this crossover soon enough in my article : “Rebirth Revisited”

Fandom Review – January 2017

So here’s all the stuff that happened in the first month of the new year that you may have missed :

Fandom Correspondents

First and foremost : Thanks once again to everyone for making this a great first year of the Fandom Correspondents, it’s been great writing for you guys and I can’t say how much I have appreciated the support I’ve felt.

Fandom Nights went over incredibly well at CYO Brewing and we’ll definitely be having another event soon enough which I will post about as soon as something is official.

Also wanted to give everybody a heads up that we are now on Instagram : @FandomCorrespondents so go ahead and follow us over there.


This month new featured trailers for three major films that are coming out this year : Logan, Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast. These trailers all showed a good amount of scenes from the films which I wasn’t upset about for Beauty and the Beast due to the film being a remake of a Disney classic, we know what the story is and we know where it’s going so if the trailer shows a bit too much then no harm, no foul.

This was not the case with Power Rangers and Logan.

This is the first time that we’ve seen the Power Rangers on the big screen since 1995 so why did they show us everything in this new trailer? They left nothing for the big screen because as I was watching it I was thinking : “Well there’s the suits, there’s Zordon and there’s Rita Repulsa. Well at least I can wait before seeing the zor-…nope there they are too.” I understand showing a few things to get people excited but this trailer showed us everything, It’s the Batman V. Superman trailer style all over again.

Now Logan is a different breed of trailer, they didn’t show us everything but they did show us the turning point of the film. If you watched the trailers and had been guessing as to if the girl was X-23 or Hope Summers or someone else entirely then I’m sorry that they showed you the answer before they finished asking the question. You literally had two months to wait and you were worried that if you didn’t show X-23 that you were going to lose money? I mean I get that she’s gonna be an awesome tiny wolverine girl but how cool would her introduction have been if we didn’t know it was coming? They did the same thing with Wolverine in X-Men : Apocalypse(which, like every fox superhero movie besides First class, gets worse with each viewing. Don’t believe me? Rewatch any of them and you’ll see that they’re incredibly dated) His cameo was one of maybe 3 redeemable qualities about that movie but it’s effect was lost cause I knew it was coming.

Bottom Line : Power Rangers doesn’t look great but it might be fun to watch, Logan could still be awesome but one major scene has already been spoiled and Beauty and the Beast looks great and showed just enough for a remake.

DC Films

Oh lord, here we go.

It has been a very interesting and telling few weeks for DC Films. First they have officially announced David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes as the screenwriters for Green Lantern Corps.

It’s being described as Lethal Weapon in Space with Hal Jordan showing John Stewart the ropes. I’m perfectly fine with that due to the fact that that’s exactly what I would’ve done for the next Green Lantern Film if I was writing it. Now, I don’t know Justin Rhodes from anything so I’m giving him a fair chance as a writer but Goyer has proven time and time again that he has no idea what he’s doing with a script. He writes to make money and because of it he can’t tell a compelling story. If you don’t believe in your work then it’s going to show in the finished product. I don’t know what DC is thinking by hiring him again.

Next up is Aquaman. The Aquaman film has added quite a few different people since last I looked. The last time I checked on it was when they revealed the first pic of Amber Heard as Mera. They have since added Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta. I’m very excited about these two because Wilson is basically fan casting and I love Black Manta as a character. I’ve never seen Mateen in anything but I’m sure that he’ll do a good job. I believe that James Wan(Director) can handle this film well if he had a better guiding hand but unfortunately they DC and Warner Bros. still don’t have a solid leading producer or writer.

Which leads me to my final point…

Ben Affleck has officially stepped down as director of The Batman. He will still help produce, co-write and star in the film. What does this mean for the film and the studio? To me, it means that they’re in trouble. It sounds like they have no idea what they’re doing with these films : Flash has already gone through three different directors, each film is considered a financial failure after it’s initial first weekend and now it’s flagship character’s film is getting crazier every day. It would make a lot of sense for Affleck to want to cut and run as quick as he can due to the problems that are rumored and the things that go on behind closed doors at WB. I’m legitimately concerned that we’re going to see Justice League part 1 as the last DC film we’ll see for a while.

Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi has come out and said that this next season will be his last with Steven Moffat leaving as showrunner as well. I haven’t seen much of Capaldi’s run and the episodes that I have seen have shown that he’s a genuinely great actor but he just never came up to par with the previous three Doctors. No word on who will be the 14th doctor but the role of showrunner will go to Chris Chibnall right after he finishes the third season of Broadchurch


Well the X-Men have certainly been interesting recently.

  • The X-Men line-up of Comics will be rebooting this March with brand new creative teams and stories. This could be a great thing for them and it’s good to show that Marvel isn’t quite as petty towards Fox as I thought…or maybe they are, eh time will tell.
  • The New Mutants is supposed to start production in May of this year with only rumors flying around about who will play which characters. Supposedly Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy will be playing Wolsbane and Magick which would be pretty cool. I’m interested in seeing how they handle this spinoff.
  • The next X-Men film will most likely be set in the 90’s and be about the Dark Phoenix Saga. These theories come from the working titles of the films such as “Supernova” and “Teen Spirit” The film is expected to start production in May of this year.
  • Legion is the latest comic book show to be released. It will be premiereing tomorrow night on FX and I’m a little hesitant about it but the early reviews are great so I’ll give it a shot. Fox has also ordered for an X-Men pilot episode to be shot later this year from Bryan Singer. I’m not a big fan of Singer as a filmmaker but for some reason the studio loves him and judging from his work on House maybe TV is just where he does best.

The Defenders

The defenders haven’t revealed nearly as much as typical shows and films and I’m 100% ok with that. The few set photos they’ve released have shown us nothing but I’m still giddy at getting to see Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones meet for the first time. We still don’t know what villain Sigourney Weaver is playing and I’m just currently assuming that the name “Alexandra” is a red herring for someone else. I’ll try to keep everyone updated throughout the year as we get to closer to the release of the show.

One thing we did today was this awesome new Iron Fist trailer. I love the effects of the iron fist and I love the connections with Madame Gao and Daredevil. Can’t wait to see this awesome new show.

La La Land

And my final point of this article, I finally have a film worth backing in the best picture category. Although I’ve enjoyed many of the previous Best Picture winners La La Land outshines them all in my opinion. If I wasn’t so much of a comic book nerd over Civil War then this film would’ve been my favorite film of the year. Yup, that means that I just said that La La Land is better than Rogue One.

I’m not going to spoil the film but La La Land truly brings back a flair for old hollywood that no one has come close to touching in the last few years. Gosling and Stone give probably the best performances of their careers and their talents need to be seen to be believed. At only 32 with two Oscar nominated films already under his belt it looks like Damien Chazelle is set up to be the next big director and writer on the scene. Of course, it’s easy to see why once you watch this and Whiplash. Both films are rather simplistic but they’re very character driven and have some truly great scenes in them. I genuinely loved so much about this movie and I fully suggest to everyone who loves film.


That does it for this month, check back when you can for more updates on all the stuff we love!

The Fandom Review(09/12/16)

So my life has taken a few turns since my last article, luckily, they’ve all been good ones but they all involved my life becoming a lot busier so I’ve decided to fix that from the writing standpoint. My series of articles called “Speeding Bullets” has always been about the breaking news, but what if we missed something? or what if something was news worthy but not really worth an entire article? Well that’s where “The Fandom Review” comes in. This way you can catch up on anything you might’ve missed and I have an entire article devoted to making sure you guys know all about the greatest things that are happening now or coming our way. Typically I think it’ll be a weekend wrap-up either on Saturday or Sunday each week but since I’ve missed a few weeks here this first one is gonna be pretty big cause we’ve got quite a few things to go over.

Stranger Things

Having come a little late to this party I decided not to do an entire article. Because even though it fully deserves one most of what needs to be said about it has already been said. For those of you that haven’t heard of or seen this: Stranger Things is about the disappearance of a young boy from a quiet town and the sudden appearance of a girl with mysterious powers. There’s a lot more to it but I don’t want to spoil this great show for you. It’s set in 1983 and you feel it throughout the entire series from the fashion, music, technology and references and honestly it makes the show even better. The only issue I have with the show is the multiple mysteries left open by the cliffhanger ending but that’s part of the show. I can’t wait for Season 2 which has already been confirmed for 2017.

Zendaya is Mary Jane

Oh cool, a new young actress is going to become the new young actor’s love interest. Oh wait, she’s black? Well time to get my hate mail ready while I sharpen my pitchfork.

Seriously, in 2016, why is this a problem? Literally the only issue I have with it is that I liked the idea of a new love interest for Peter but I’m perfectly fine with her playing Mary Jane.

Race shouldn’t be a factor for certain casting decisions now take a character like Bruce Wayne or Harry Osborn then that makes sense for them to be white because they’re supposed to come from a family of white privilege  but if you take Spider-Man, Superman or Captain America then they can literally be anyone because where they come from doesn’t matter near as much as what they choose to be.

Matt Singer is quickly becoming one of my favorite journalists and his article on the subject was perfect. He claimed that the people who were complaining were basically bullies like Flash Thompson and that they weren’t true Spider-Man fans because they forgot most of his important values.

I hope she doesn’t see this article until years from now because I hope that she’s avoiding the entire internet until this movie is done filming but if she does: Zendaya, I support you and your bravery for taking this role. I hope you blow it out of the water and have a blast while doing it.

Thor : Ragnarok

That video doesn’t get old.

Ragnarok is still a little over a year away but we already get to have wild speculation parties with these set photos.

First up is the possible Thor/Dr. Strange crossover. We see Thor holding a business card with 177A Bleecker St. on it, which is the address to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Some people are saying that this might just be an easter egg but I have a different theory, what if Thor needs some magical help? Why, you ask?

Wait…is that?

Yes, That’s the All-Father, Odin, looking a little worse for wear. What if Thor needs the good doctors help to return the All-Father to his former glory? A little too much? Possibly but if I’m right then you heard it here first.

Avengers : Infinity War

I personally want to dislike something about Marvel, but I honestly can’t come up with anything. This is one of the greatest series that a film studio has made and Infinity War is going to be no different. The Russo brothers have stated that this will be a finale to the MCU we’ve known and a beginning to the MCU of the future. Naturally, this is a little scary but I can’t wait to see what they can give us. We’ve already heard that Steve Rogers has officially stepped down from the Captain America title but we don’t know if that means that someone else will become the new Captain America or if Steve will have a new identity come 2018.

Also, for those of you who don’t know, it’s no longer Avengers : Infinity War Part 1 and 2. The fourth Avengers film is now without a title while the third one maintains its Infinity War title. Could the fourth be called “The New Avengers”? Could a Captain Marvel, Bucky, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange team be in the works? We’ll have to wait and see what happens from here.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Guardians is easily one of the most anticipated sequels coming out in the next few years and it’s easy to see why. The first one was a massive success with the second one setting it up to be even bigger and better. The concept art shown above is the Guardians taking on a creature called the Abilisk which appears to be in space but James Gunn has made comments suggesting that it might just be a nighttime scene on earth.

We also still don’t know who Sylvester Stallone is playing yet, except that we’re fairly certain he isn’t playing one of the ravagers which was previously rumored. One of my theories is that he’s playing an older Nova who will introduce either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander to the film or perhaps is Richard Rider himself.

Another rumor is that Kurt Russell’s character, Ego The Living Planet, will go through a re-birthing sequence out of a space egg. Which sounds pretty weird but hey, it’s cosmic Marvel which is full of all kinds of weird things.

So will the Guardians be heading to earth? Will one of the main Nova Corps be introduced? Will we finally see a Space Egg? We’ll find out soon enough.

Marvel Television

Marvel’s Netflix shows have been fantastic since the beginning and early reviews of Luke Cage have said the same thing. I already knew it was going to be good because Mike Colter is perfect for the role but them using using Cottonmouth as the Villain and focusing heavily on the music is setting it up to be one of the best they’ve done.

It’s also interesting to know that apparently Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage will be overlapping in some way. Whether this makes a small impact such as Claire making reference to the attack on the hospital or in some unforeseen big way is something that they haven’t clarified yet.

Naturally Netflix isn’t the only place to find all of the best  Marvel TV; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC has become a huge sour e of conversation since they announced the inclusion of Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider. They’ve already announced that his origin is going to be a bit different and they released this picture with him in the suit which looks like it is straight from the comic.

This is good for fans and of the comic and the show due to one of the main complaints for the show has been that it needed more comic book characters that were more familiar to the average reader. Reyes may not be the version we’re used to but it is a very interesting choice to bring him to the show. Will he become an Agent himself? We’ll see on September 20th.

Star Wars

Naturally as the world gets closer to the greatness of more Star Wars it also gets us the greatness of crazy fan theories and today is no different, The newest theory is that Darth Maul is Snoke. Yup, you heard it here first. Maul is Snoke.

Seriously, I love this theory because it’s pretty insane but with his inclusion in the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons then it’s not too out there since Forest Whitaker’s Rogue One character started out in Clone Wars. As always, I’ll be happy with pretty much any theory as long as it’s well written and thought out.

Speaking of Rogue One, we have some awesome looking new concept art and posters. Sorry about some of them not being the best quality.

I really like these, especially the one with Jyn, The X-Wings and the Death Star. I know that some people are hesitant to trust in this film but this is the same studio which gave us Force Awakens which definitely earns them a shot at trying something different. I think that Gareth Edwards can do a good job because he has admitted that not only is he a huge fan but he’s also a little nervous to be handling anything in the Star Wars universe. Some people are already upset that there might not be an opening scrawl but I think that whether there is or isn’t one won’t make or break the film and honestly it might make sense to make it a little different from the main saga.

Also, I’m trying to avoid spoilers about Episode VIII but hearing about that fight scene between Luke, Chewbacca and The Knights of Ren nearly made me faint. That being said, seriously, I’m trying to avoid the script leaks and everything so if you’re looking for those then this is not the site you’re looking for.

DC Films

Joe Manganiello is officially playing Deathstroke in the solo Batman film which will be written by Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck and Directed by Affleck. I’m excited to see Deathstroke because he’s one of my favorite villains but I’m iffy on what he’s going to do in the film and where he fits. Having never seen True Blood, I don’t know much about him (except that he was Flash Thompson in the first Spider-Man movie.) he’s been the rumored choice for a long time and I’m perfectly fine with him taking the role. Sorry about the blurry pic but it’s the best I could find. The picture below was taken from a silent video that Affleck shared on twitter.

Recently Johns has said that the DC Films will be taking a tonal shift before the Justice League film and although I’m 100% ok with that, I still have to say that I think it’s too little, too late. The first three films have already put a sour taste in my mouth and I worry that DC won’t be able to do well without a complete restart.

This is also coming right after the rumor that Flash will fight The Rogues in his standalone film. I’d be ok with this except I already didn’t like what they did with Captain Boomerang and I’d hate to see Captain Cold butchered on the silver screen. Cold is one of my favorites and I feel like they’re going to ruin him.

Side note, am I the only one who thinks that Miller’s Flash costume looks like a red version of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume? It might just be the light hitting it just right on one side and the “None More Black” lighting on the other side that makes me think that or it could just be me.

Another bit of DC Film news is that Greg Berlanti is going to be directing a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie which will be it’s own film separate from the DCCU…That means one of two things : Either Berlanti, The intellectual genius behind 2011’s Green Lantern, doesn’t want to be associated with DC Films or DC Films doesn’t want Greg Berlanti, the writing savant behind the CW’s Arrow, to be associated with them.

Oddly enough, I would agree with both parties.


Wait a second, haven’t we already talked about the Guardians Of The Galaxy? Yes, but this is just Guardians. The film’s about a group of Russian superheroes who fell with the soviet union but now they’re needed again, it’s one of those situations where I’m not sure if the movie’s going to be any good but it looks really cool and it has a Bear-man with a machine gun…how would that not be one of the best things ever?

DC Comics

Not a whole lot of big news for DC Comics over the last month so please forgive the short entry.

DC Rebirth has surprised me in few areas where I really enjoyed something that I wasn’t so sure about(Like Green Arrow) and some areas which made me hate everything.(Like Superman) Many of the comics are still just hitting their stride and so it’s hard to say how I feel about many of them but I plan on doing an end of year recap on the rebirth titles sometime in December. Until then, I can solidly endorse and recommend Green Arrow, Nightwing and All-Star Batman.

DC has announced that their first line wide event will be Justice League VS. Suicide Squad which will be starting in December and will be going throughout their respective series and a six issue miniseries.

This is particularly interesting to me due to the idea of Batman deciding that he needs to stop Task Force X and that presumably the previously announced Justice League Of America comic will spin out of this. Could a Justice League featuring Suicide Squad members be on the way? We’ll have to wait and see.

Marvel Comics

I saved Marvel for last because as of right now they’re killing with some of the best comics I’ve seen in a long time. I still love the idea of a seasonal release schedule for them and I can’t wait to see what happens when all the new titles come out this fall. Naturally, I’m not going to go over everything but I’ll try to hit the high points.

Civil War II has been extended and delayed slightly but as of right now, it’s not as bad as the extended wait for Secret Wars last year. Bendis and Marquez have been giving us one of the best event comics of the last 10 years, on par with the first Civil War, Infinite Crisis, Forever Evil and Secret Wars and for that, I can wait a few extra weeks. I am curious to see if this will spoil anything about some of the new #1’s coming out either the previous or same month.

Riri Williams, who will be one of the two people taking over as Iron Man this fall, officially has her superhero name: Ironheart. Personally, I love it and they’ve already said that it speaks more to the idea of the character as a whole and I’m looking to learning more about her. In fact, my only hesitance about Williams is that we don’t know much about her yet. She seems like a lot of fun but I wish we had gotten a solid year or so of getting to know her before she was the new title character.

The Inhumans and The X-Men are setting  up for a big storyline starting this fall featuring Death of X and IvX but it will apparently be continuing further into the coming months and possibly the new year with ResurrXion.(My spellcheck hates me) I’m ready to see what they’ll be doing with these characters and considering this will most likely be written by Charles Soule then I’m 100% on board. Is someone coming back to life? Is this speaking on the main story of the X-Men? Or is this a fresh start for both series? I’ll keep you posted.

Some big news for fans of classical horror, Marvel is officially doing a comic called “Monsters Unleashed” much of this is speculation but It looks like it’ll be something close to an anthology written by Cullen Bunn featuring different artists on each issue/story. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes about bringing Marvel back to some of its supernatural horror roots. We’ll find out more about this series when it’s released in January of 2017.

In conclusion for Marvel, If you’re not reading Black Panther, Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man or Steve Rogers : Captain America then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Thanks so much for reading, I promise not to wait too long before my next article!