What’s in a Legacy?

Marvel Comics formula for overarching storytelling over the last few years has been this cycle : Fall – New Books, New Characters, New Creators and new parts of continuing stories.(Allowing certain writers/artists to stay with the characters for a while)

Winter – Continuing Stories, something big should happen to set up the summer event.

Spring – Prelude to Summer event, big set-ups for hopeful payoffs.

Summer – Huge blockbuster style scenes, touching character moments, Nothing will ever be the same, some characters die, others come back, we all get ready to restart in a month.

Now, as a fan I have applauded this system before because when it works, it really works.(Secret Wars) but when it doesn’t work, it really doesn’t work.(Civil War II) Now we can discuss why certain summer events work and some don’t at another time but today we’re looking at what follows : The Relaunch.

Arguably, the most important of the steps is the relaunch. Wanna fix last season’s problems? Relaunch. Wanna get new readers? Relaunch/Perfect Jumping On Point. Marvel had honestly perfected the system there for a while there cause making it seasonal instead of a gimmick was a brilliant move on their part but now we get to the main topic here : we want to restart, so what are we going to do? Well Marvel has been teasing Marvel Legacy since April and their first announcement was Marvel Generations which is a series of 10 One-Shots that feature two characters who have carried the same name. (Tony Stark and Riri Williams, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, Peter Parker and Mile Morales…etc.) Following that will be Marvel Legacy #1, The big comic that will start it all off. Not much is known about this comic or really any of the ones that will follow it. The entire line-up of books has been released but only the covers of them with very few of them talking about the creative teams behind them. We’ll, most likely, hear more about these books at Comic Con here in a few weeks but I don’t know why they didn’t wait to reveal it all at once.

There’s a few interesting things to take from Legacy such as no Captain America title, very few new titles and the fact that most of these are just continuations from the previous books. Some of these make sense like Thor, Invincible Iron Man and others but when you think of a relaunch you typically expect somewhere between a 70/30 or 60/40 split between old and new titles. So this raises the question : Why have a relaunch at all? Most people are already comparing it and saying that it’s only to keep up with DC Rebirth’s steady sales over the lasy year. I honestly can’t blame anyone for saying that cause that’s basically what it looks like and if you wanna check out what we mean then you can see all of the covers they released and the classic covers they’re based on then you can check them out here or if you wanna see just the new covers and dissect what you think is going on in them then you can check it out right here.

So we have a return to Classic Numbering, a giant one-shot to launch it off that says that every marvel story ever is important to it and of course “52” released books and a few more on the way. It’s hard not to draw some comparisons to what DC has done over the last few years. I understand why their goal is to play it safe here, I mean if I made everyone’s favorite hero into a nazi then I’d probably go ahead and play it safe with a soft reboot too. Which leads me to my major issue, this isn’t a reboot. It’s a continuation of the stories we’ve had already and there’s really no major point to draw this much attention to it if it isn’t going to really change anything. It’s honestly reminiscent of how they handled Secret Wars a few years ago where it was basically : “Nothing will ever be the same…except for this, this and this.” You had a genuinely phenomenal event comic and it was rendered all but useless due to most of the comics that followed it.

Jesse Schdeen over at IGN wrote about this and said a few of the things I’ve already said but he also mentioned the hope that they’ll bring back talent like Jonathan Hickman, Matt Fraction or Ed Brubaker and I would fully support everything about this if that is what they did.

I’m not trying to say that I don’t believe in Marvel because I absolutely do, I just believe that there are other ways to go about doing this. I want nothing more than to be wrong in the next few months and I very well may be, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Fandom Review


Nintendo has announced that they’ll be releasing the SNES Classic and has already said that they’ll be putting more systems out this time then last year’s NES Classic which was considered almost impossible to find due to them putting out less than 3 million units. Considering the Switch sold more than that in it’s first month you would think that they would’ve put more out. Bottom line, hopefully they can learn from their mistakes this time around.

The controller cord will be longer and there will be 21 games for it including The Legend Of Zelda : A Link To The Past, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

Dynasty Warriors

I absolutely love the Dynasty Warriors series. I love the history of the stories it’s based on, I love the over the top action and I love the wild, outrageous characterizations of some of histories most powerful generals. This looks phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what they do with the series on a modern day console.


Well it appears that sony has no idea what they’re doing. The recently announced films of Venom and Silver and Black have been confirmed as having no connections to the MCU…which is pretty stupid in my opinion but then again, I’m not a producer for either company. I personally think that Sony can give us a good film but it doesn’t make sense for them to not continue along with Marvel. The merger giving us Spider-Man in Civil War helped to make it into one of the best films of 2016.

We’ll still have to wait and see but I do worry about what this means for Spider-Man films in the long-term. I do love Tom Hardy as Venom and I think he’ll give us a great performance…I would just love for that performance to be alongside Tom Holland.

Meanwhile the Producer of Marvel Studios has announced that the sequel to Spider-Man : Homecoming will be the only film confirmed for Phase 4 until after Infinity War. Supposedly the sequel will be the perfect film to lead us into the future of Marvel following the insanity of Infinity War.

Han Solo

And our final story gives us huge, unfortunate news coming from the set of the Han Solo film. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have left the project due to “Creative Differences” which is the fanciest way to say “I don’t like them anymore” ever.

This does worry me a bit due to Lord and Miller alway appearing very laid back and easy to work with during interviews. Was Lucasfilm that difficult to work for?

According to different sources, The duo have said that they felt like they had no creative freedom with this film and that there was no chance for what they wanted to do with it. There were rumors about the Rogue One reshoots being very similar but overall it was said that Gareth Edwards was still proud of the final product(and he absolutely should be.)

Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan have come out and said that Lord and Miller would film 2 or 3 camera setups on one scene when they could have easily done the 10 to 15 that the studio wanted for editing purposes. Supposedly, Lord and Miller listened but didn’t follow through. Naturally, this is all hearsay from a few different sources but the bottom line is that they’re out and now Ron Howard has stepped in to finish shooting the film which is still scheduled to come out in May.

Also, apparently they’ve hired a acting coach for Alden Ehrenreich. This is a very odd choice to do this late in production but at least they’re trying to fix the problems.

So the real questions are will Lord and Miller return to filming The Flash? Will Han Solo be a disjointed mess? And will Ehrenreich’s performance be so flip floppy that we won’t even be able to focus on the good parts? Hopefully all good things will come to fruition soon.(I.E. Apparently Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm got along great during The Last Jedi so that’s great!)

E3 – Marvel

Marvel came out in full force here at E3 with two major games being showcased so let’s get right to it.

Marvel VS. Capcom looks fantastic and I’m really happy that they’re putting a story mode in the new game. One of my biggest complaints about the last one was the lack of one. We get to see a bunch of new characters in this trailer and obviously the one I’m most excited for is Black Panther. I’m intrigued to see who the rest of the DLC characters will be and will be posting about them as I find out about them.

The gameplay looks to be updated from the last one and in the best way. I’m interested to see the different abilities of the Infinity Stones and to see how they mix with each different fighter.

Wow, so in this trailer we get to see the perfection of being Spider-Man in this game. There’s stealth, there’s action, there’s a chase scene and there’s a quicktime event of saving people. Mix all of those together and we might have the best Marvel game they’ve ever done. I love that they have multiple different references to the comic in these scenes, Wilson Fisk and Mr. Negative are great additions to the game and I’m excited that we’re getting characters that we haven’t seen a lot of before. Also, Mile Morales is gonna be awesome and I can’t wait to see how he fits into the storyline.