#43 – Sam Wilson

And we finally have a Marvel character on the list! I feel like were getting nervous that I was just doing DC but no, it’s a fairly even list all the way through.


Sam Wilson is the Falcon, a man who uses metal wings to fly and has an almost telepathic ability to connect with his bird, Redwing. Sam was a notable character in the late 60’s and early 70’s because at the time he and Black Panther were really the only two heroes of Color.(This was a few years before characters like Luke Cage, John Stewart and Black Lightning step up) But even beyond him being a symbol of diversity and the civil rights movement, Sam has always been a hero of the people such as : His very first appearance involves him stopping a group of Former Nazi’s from turning the natives of a tropical island into their serfs…So yeah, if you’ve got a problem then Sam has your back, no matter what.

The best part about Sam is his ability to take things as they come and keep pushing on. He’s always been a fighter like that and that’s why he and Steve Rogers are such good friends. They’ve each overcomed tragedy through the years but it never changes who they are.

That fact was made even more relevant in recent years. There was a point where Steve retired as Captain America and Sam stepped up to fill the role. Many people were angry with this development, even protesting with slogans like “Not My Captain America” and he just kept going on and doing what he did best : saving people. There were even a few times where he went against S.H.I.E.L.D. just so he could keep fighting the good fight and that’s what we can take from all of this is that Sam will take hits from every side but he’ll always remain that kind of person and that kind of hero.

Anthony Mackie has portrayed Sam in four different Marvel films and Each one has just gotten better, much like he does. They adapted his storyline a little bit to better fit in the films but every decision makes perfect sense and they do it in a way that doesn’t hurt his character.

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