Overwatch May be Dropping a New Hero Next Week

Yesterday it was confirmed that the Horizon Lunar Colony Overwatch map would go live on Tuesday, June 20, but according to some fans, that’s not all that will be dropping. The speculation began in one of Jeff Kaplan’s Developer updates where he told the Overwatch community that there was new hero news “on the horizon.” Just a figure of speech? Perhaps. But more than likely, he was literally referring to the Horizon Lunar colony, and since its been live on the PTR, the Overwatch crew has been dropping hint after hint. The first hint was in a map of the colony tweeted out by the Overwatch official twitter page. The map showed a list of names and numbers of the various test subjects on the base, all of which were accounted for except for two. The first of these is Winston, everyone’s favorite monkey scientist tank. The second however is an unfamiliar name: Hammond. According emails posted to Atlas News, the fictional news outlet that Blizzard uses to introduce lore and drop hints of future content, Hammond may still be on the base. Of the emails published, there are two that strike me as relevant to our new hero. The first’s subject line reads “Ventilation System Inspection” and refers to strange sounds coming from the ventilation shafts. The second has a subject line that reads “Have You Seen Me?” Sent by Dr. Zhang, this email mentions that Hammond was gone from his cage and seemingly no one knew where he went. There are two details that can be gleamed from the second email. The first is that Hammond went missing at least a week before the apes went nuts and killed the scientists. The second, and most important detail is that he is smaller than a gorilla. In the second have of the email, Dr. Zhang laments about having a smaller test subject than the rest of the gorillas. So we’re left to speculate what Hammond may be. The most obvious and logical answer is that Hammond is a chimp. It would make sense for scientists testing gene therapies to use chimps as well as gorillas in their experiments. A chimp would also be considerably smaller than a gorilla. Perhaps even small enough to fit in ventilation shafts without much trouble. My personal hope is a little bit stranger. In a recent AMA on reddit, Jeff Kaplan was asked about heroes that were drafted but didn’t quite make it into the game. In his response he mentions a cat with a jetpack that the team ultimately decided was too “out there” for the game. Now, I for one would love a jetpack cat, and I wouldn’t see it as any stranger than a hyper-intelligent gorilla or a robotic monk, but I digress. As much as I hope for the rise of Jetpack Cat, Hammond is more than likely a chimp. A chimp that, if a recent 4chan leak is accurate, will serve as a utility based support with the ability to erect various shaped barriers by deploying anchor points around the map. We won’t know for sure until he launches, but if Jeff’s hint is any indicator, I imagine that at the very least we’ll get an official announcement, if not a PTR launch next Tuesday.

#43 – Sam Wilson

And we finally have a Marvel character on the list! I feel like were getting nervous that I was just doing DC but no, it’s a fairly even list all the way through.


Sam Wilson is the Falcon, a man who uses metal wings to fly and has an almost telepathic ability to connect with his bird, Redwing. Sam was a notable character in the late 60’s and early 70’s because at the time he and Black Panther were really the only two heroes of Color.(This was a few years before characters like Luke Cage, John Stewart and Black Lightning step up) But even beyond him being a symbol of diversity and the civil rights movement, Sam has always been a hero of the people such as : His very first appearance involves him stopping a group of Former Nazi’s from turning the natives of a tropical island into their serfs…So yeah, if you’ve got a problem then Sam has your back, no matter what.

The best part about Sam is his ability to take things as they come and keep pushing on. He’s always been a fighter like that and that’s why he and Steve Rogers are such good friends. They’ve each overcomed tragedy through the years but it never changes who they are.

That fact was made even more relevant in recent years. There was a point where Steve retired as Captain America and Sam stepped up to fill the role. Many people were angry with this development, even protesting with slogans like “Not My Captain America” and he just kept going on and doing what he did best : saving people. There were even a few times where he went against S.H.I.E.L.D. just so he could keep fighting the good fight and that’s what we can take from all of this is that Sam will take hits from every side but he’ll always remain that kind of person and that kind of hero.

Anthony Mackie has portrayed Sam in four different Marvel films and Each one has just gotten better, much like he does. They adapted his storyline a little bit to better fit in the films but every decision makes perfect sense and they do it in a way that doesn’t hurt his character.

Speeding Bullets #3

I don’t care what you’re doing, if you’re a horror fan and have 12 minutes then you absolutely have to watch “Vicious

Oliver Park has crafted something that is dark, beautiful and truly terrifying. He tells a simple story using minimal dialogue and manages to scare you without just using predictable jump scares. The lighting, cinematography and sound effects make for a modern classic reminiscent of Hooper, Hardy
and Blatty. You can tell that he has a love and reverence for the genre and for the creators who came before. I can’t wait to see what he does next.


R.I.P. Harper Lee

“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”

Harper Lee wrote what is considered by many to be one of the greatest books of all time. She touched on every subject matter you can think of that can give people the guidelines for how to care, to give people hope and to stand up for what’s right. Being Homeschooled, my mother didn’t want me to become someone who hated reading so she never pressured me into reading and never forced any certain book on me…except for one.

When I first read “To Kill A Mockingbird,” I hadn’t seen the movie or even knew what the story was going to be like. I was stunned when I read it at 14 and it still stuns me today anytime I think about it. Harper Lee deserves to be recognized as a woman who understood human nature and wanted nothing more than to tell a truly phenomenal story.

Thanks for everything, Scout.


The Tragedy Of Heroism (Vance)

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway


It’s come to my attention that one of my favorite heroes has recently come under scrutiny. He is either considered boring or outdated by many people. So why is this? I think it evolves from a central problem of the world changing over the years but then we have to ask the questions of “Is this characters not to be considered timeless?” Well of course he is, yet for some reason, he’s become a target for massive amounts of hate from this community of fans.

This hero is Captain America.

Yup, Captain America. Let’s go over his list of accomplishments :

  • Leader of The Avengers.
  • Fought in World War II.
  • Doesn’t have as many special powers as you might think.
  • Defends freedom no matter what.
  • Always tries to make the right decision.
  • Punched Thanos in the Face. Thanos as in Thanos : The Mad Titan.(The Purple guy at the end of Avengers and he’s in Guardians Of The Galaxy)
  • Always the first to rush in and defend everyone.

The people who dislike Cap as a hero perplex me so much that I can’t talk to them half the time about it. He’s always getting complaints of being “Useless to the Team“, “Boring to watch/read” or the craziest of all : “Not conflicted enough to be interesting/Too Good”

Just let that one sink in for a second…

Now imagine that you’re a brave soldier, you’re fighting for a great cause and somehow you die but instead of going to an afterlife you wake up 70 years in the future. All of your friends, all of your family even the world you thought you knew is gone. How would you feel? What would you do? Would you lay down and give up on life? What would most likely happen would be a psychological breakdown.

Still think he’s not compelling? Does he have these soliloqies about his mistakes like Iron Man? No. Does he have a constant fear of not being worthy like Thor? No. No, Steve suffers silently.

I’m not saying that the other Avengers aren’t phenomenal complex characters and I’m not saying that their individual issues are to be tossed aside but don’t mistake Steve’s silence for a lack of complexities…much like Tony did in Age Of Ultron…

In Avengers : Age Of Ultron there are points where our heroes see all different kinds of visions and Steve’s involves Peggy Carter. Peggy is his lost love and people are constantly saying that he’s just hung up on her and needs to move on but that’s not the point. Peggy was everything to him and she is the personification of the life he never had. He sees her and her last line to him in the vision is “We can go home, Imagine it” and then the dream fades. A few scenes later, Tony and Steve are having an argument over Tony’s attempt to use Ultron for good  while they’re cutting firewood and the last thing that Tony says is “Isn’t that why we do this? So we can end the fight and go home?” Steve breaks a log in two and offers his rebuttal but he doesn’t lash out at Tony, he doesn’t need to. Steve is stronger than that.

Losing someone is a terrible tragedy and the one’s who grieve loudly are deserving of sympathy but it’s the ones that are silent and stalwart that you need to look for. They can only be strong for so long.

So we’ve covered his complexity as a character so let’s move on to his abilities.

Cap’s Abilities

Now there is a common misconception that Captain America does have super powers but honestly…he doesn’t. He has enhanced abilities, a super powerful shield and an iron will. Most people think that when got the serum that he gained super speed, strength and agility but he didn’t. Instead, he gained what is basically the pinnacle of human physique. It’s something that he has to work at and keep in shape. I’m not saying that if he eats a burger then he’s gonna die or anything like that but if he didn’t work out and keep his body up then he would lose his abilities. That’s one of the reasons I love him as a character.

What’s weird is I’ve heard a bunch of people say they like Batman cause he doesn’t have superpowers but those same people say they don’t like Captain America. He is literally charging against a demigod in Avengers, goes one on one against Ultron in Age Of Ultron and fights off countless people in both of his solo films. Bottom Line is he’s willing to go places that no one else will and do things that no one else will and he’s willing to do this even if he has to do it by himself. If you want proof of this then look no further than Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Until he gets in contact with Black Widow and Falcon he has no help at all but he refuses to give up…Which leads to my next point…


Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were both young Jewish men in those dark times so when they were coming up with a new character, they wanted to make a statement, only one problem though : America hadn’t entered into World War II yet so when their first cover involved Cap literally punching Hitler in the jaw it made a few waves. Of course just a few months later was the tragic attack at Pearl Harbor which prompted us to officially enter into the war. We had our soldier with the bright cause but it was less about who he was and more about who he could be.

Back in 2011 was Cap’s 70th anniversary and Marvel did a bunch of different covers for their books entitled “I am Captain America” and it was very simplistic but it just showed a bunch of regular people and their clothes matched up with Cap’s costume. There was a firefighter, a police officer, a truck driver and many others. I loved those covers because anyone can truly be Captain America. It’s not about the serum in him, it’s about his heart. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds it’s true, anyone who is willing to put aside their wants, their needs or even their lives for the betterment of someone else then that person could be Captain America. Because that’s exactly what he stands for.

Conclusion : True Conflict

*Potential Spoilers for Captain America : Civil War*

I’m gonna cut this article a little short but I have to make this last point. When he is presented with a difficult situation in Civil War he chooses to do what he knows to be right instead of what someone says is right. He makes the hard call and chooses to fight against his best friend. That’s not easy to do but what’s even more difficult is admitting your faults. When Cap is stopped by a group of firefighters and police officers he realizes that he has to stop the war the only way he knows how. He knows there wouldn’t be a victor in the end by just endlessly fighting with each other Which is why he chooses to end it by surrendering to the authorities.

As he is being take to his trial, a sniper shoots steve and mortally wounds him. In his last few moments he asks “Is everyone safe?” This is a man who being berated by these people just minutes before. He’s hated by half of the country but he chooses to ask and make sure everyone is safe. Wouldn’t you like that kind of strength? That’s why he’s my hero and his strength is what I aspire to.

-Vance McCarty

Thanks for Coming This Far

When I started the Facebook page it began just as a place to talk about Comics, Movies and anything else that I wanted to. Now a year and a half later I’m finally doing what I always said I would do : Start a Blog. I’m still very devoted to the page on Facebook but I and my fellow admins finally have a good place to write and hopefully reach many more readers. Thank you all so much for the support over the last year and a half and look for new posts here in the next few days.

– Vance McCarty