#37 – Damian Wayne

Damian is the Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, The Grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul and was trained as a master assassin by the age of 9.

Damian is the one character on here that will get the most hate because a lot of people hated him when he came on the scene because it was like he was pushing Tim Drake out of the Role of Robin…but they forget, that’s what makes the story interesting. I previously talked to you about Tim and how he fought to be Robin. He worked hard to become the Boy Wonder. 4 years later, Talia shows up with a son and says that Bruce needs to train him. Bruce takes him in and wants to show him that lethal violence and blind aggression is not the right way to go to war with Evil. Damian is an arrogant, self-entitled little jerk that sees everyone as beneath him, especially Tim Drake. He even fights Tim and nearly kills him to overtake him as the new Robin until Batman intervenes.

Now, you’re probably wondering this kid is the second highest Robin on my list, he’s terrible, right? No. He’s one of the best new characters to come from comics since I’ve been alive. Damian knows nothing but hate and rage until he meets Bruce. Bruce takes him in and is brutal with him because he realizes that’s all he understands but after Bruce disappears(Another story for another time) Dick Grayson becomes Batman and takes him on as Robin. It’s here that he learns how to be a true hero.

One of my favorite moments from Damian is when he goes to war with the other three Robins. He wants to prove that he’s one of the best by defeating them in combat and taking a personal affect of theirs. He starts by attacking Jason Todd and stealing his Red Hood mask then he attacks Tim Drake and takes his Bo-Staff and finally he’s about to attack Dick Grayson. Dick turns around and throws him his escrima stick and says “You have nothing to prove to anyone.” Damian takes this as final acceptance and apologizes to the other Robins and they work together to save the City. He finally gains a friendship with Tim Drake while still having a slight rivalry.

Damian Wayne learns from his mistakes and strives to do better. He is the epitome of playing with the hand you’re dealt. That’s why he’s so high on my list.

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