Infinity War Discussion

Wow! There’s a lot going on in this new trailer so let’s just get right to it!

Heavy Speculation/Possible Spoilers to follow as well as Actual Spoilers for most of the previous MCU leading up to this film. You’ve been warned.


First up, it calls back to the “There was an idea…” line from Nick Fury from the first Avengers film and the line is split between Dr. Strange or Iron Man, Vision and Thor while we get different scenes featuring them in the background. The only reason that I’m not sure about who it is is that it sounds a lot like Iron Man but they show Dr. Strange so I’m not entirely sure but either way, it sounds really cool. In that opening scene we see Dr. Strange and Wong looking at a terrified Bruce Banner who presumably was just thrown into the Sanctum Sanctorum. The entire point of this trailer is effectively to show how Thanos is about to wreck everyone and Hulk being thrown into a crater is a clear cut way to start that off.

Following that scene is one where we see Vision and Wanda and we actually get to see Vision look human. I really like how they’ve gone forward with their relationship. After the first few scenes is when they start showing their opening montage that they typically play at the beginning of each respective film but I was really glad they used it here. By showing this montage and playing the main Avengers theme it shows that they’ve really been working towards this since the beginning.

We then switch back to the first three that we saw and now they’re joined by Tony. Many people are already theorizing that this is the beginnings of the MCU Illuminati, the backdrop of this scene is the first we hear of Josh Brolin as Thanos and my favorite part of it is just how bored he sounds. Thanos doesn’t see this world as anything but an ant-hill beneath his feet and that’s why it works so well.

We also see the first of Peter Parker here. His arm hairs stand up and he turns around to see some kind of device that Thanos has brought to this planet, it cuts to our first showing of Loki in this trailer. He appears to be handing the tesseract(Space Stone) to Thanos. Then we cut to our very first shot of Thanos.

Now, a lot of people have been complaining about how he doesn’t have his headgear or his fancier armor and evrrything but this just goes back to my previous statement. He’s bored. These guys mean nothing to him and that’s why he’s exciting as a villain to me. Thanos is going to be the most powerful villain they’ve seen and he sees himself as unstoppable.

Following that, we get to see Spider-Man in the new suit which I think looks fantastic! It looks like it’s just going to be an updated version of the Iron Spider Suit from Spider-Man Homecoming.

It’s at this point that we get to my favorite part of the trailer where T’Challa is talking about raising the city’s defenses and then he says “Get this man a shield” when this happens :

I almost screamed out loud. It’s such an epic entrance. Also, it should be noted that it looks like Proxima Midnight is attempting to throw her spear at him and he catches it and then is going to fight her with Scarlet Witch and Black Widow to save Vision. There are about 3 separate shots in the trailer that make me think this is going to be how things go down. I don’t think Vision is going to die in this film, he may lose the stone but I don’t think he’ll die.

This however does lead to the character that I do think will die and that is Iron Man, that one punch knockout from Thanos looks pretty intense and I’m pretty nervous about his well being at the end of this film. There was a long time rumor that one of the main six avengers would be killed off in this film and I honestly think it makes the most sense for it to be Iron Man.

Here is where we see the main focal point of the trailer which appears to be the defense of Wakanda. This leads me to believe that the Soul Stone is in Necropolis, which is basically the underground city of the dead that’s underneath Wakanda. I mean we get to see some great quick hits of a new Hulkbuster, Black Panther, Bucky, Black Widow, Falcon and of course that glorious final shot of a Wakandan charge led by the Avengers.

I’m incredibly excited for this film and for everything that Feige and company have been building towards. There’s no doubt that this film will be of exceptional quality.

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