Closed Doors and New Beginnings.

Avengers Dissassembled, Secret War, House Of M, Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, The Ultimate Universe, Basically everything we love about Daredevil, Luke Cage and a good portion of Spider-Man over the last few years can all be attributed to one man : Brian Michael Bendis. Today it was announced that Bendis would be leaving Marvel and going to DC Comics.

This is obviously a huge move for the writer and for both companies. DC is obviously ecstatic and Marvel is taking this deal with as much grace as they can. Ending a 17 year partnership is never an easy thing and I don’t think this was an easy decision for anyone involved either. Bendis has consistently written about 3 or 4 different comics for Marvel at any one time and as of right now he’s currently attached to 4 different ongoing series. So that leaves Iron Man, Jessica Jones, The Defenders and Spider-Man(Miles Morales’) fates up in the air after the next few months. I’d be surprised if the aforementioned issues didn’t sell out on every shelf. I feel like we’ll never truly know what happened between the two parties but I wouldn’t be surprised or blame Bendis if it involved some form of anger over Secret Empire. Bendis wasn’t a part of the main title but I can see him fighting against the concept at different meetings. Attempting to destroy a legacy like that is something that would make any writer question if they want to be a part of that company anymore.

So this obviously leaves a big portion of Marvel’s future uncertain. How do they work as a company in a Post-Bendis World? Only time will tell.

This also raises the question : What will Bendis do at DC?

The most likely idea would be putting him right on Justice League or Wonder Woman. These would both be great even though I really wanna see Scott Snyder on Wonder Woman instead. Either way, they need to make a decision with her soon due to the fact that if James Robinson leaves the title then he’ll be the third writer in a year to leave it and I’d like to see someone more consistent on there. Bendis would be a good choice but I think he needs to go on Justice League because it honestly just makes the most sense. Bendis has shown us before that he can handle a big storyline and that he can handle multiple characters. It could even be argued that his best comics all involved a team. There’s also the question of a Batman Title, if James Tynion IV or Tom King decide to do other titles then Bendis is the clear choice and there’s honestly no way around that. Also, I would kinda freak out if he took over on Green Lantern.

No matter which title he goes to, it will be a huge hit. I really feel like Bendis will hit the ground running with this opportunity and I don’t blame him. DC has some of the greatest characters of all time and I excited to see what he can do with them.

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