The Long Night Comes… (GOT S5)

This is the last season where I could call what was going to happen cause the last shot of this season is also the last thing you read about in the 5th book. A lot of crazy stuff happens in this season and I’m convinced it’s all leading up to one of the craziest final seasons in television history.

Favorite Episode : Hardhome.

This is probably my second favorite episode of the entire series and it’s honestly just because of two major scenes. The first is the meeting between Tyrion and Daenerys which leads to the infamous “I am going to break the Wheel.” Line and it’s really just a great scene between two of the performers on the show.

But of course, the core of the episode is also it’s namesake. Hardhome is the area where all of the wildlings that weren’t at the Battle of the Wall were stationed aNumbering around 5,000 strong, Jon makes the decision that they need to be saved before the White Walkers come and kill them which would also turn them into Wights and that’s just not good for anyone. After convincing them to join is when the battle begins. There’s an army of Wights bearing down on the gate and they’re doing everything they can to hold them off to give people time to get to the boats. Meanwhile thr White Walkers are just standing on top of the mountain just staring at Jon, Tormund and the rest.

As the battle starts to go bad is when the best scene kicks in, one of the White Walkers starts attacking and you’re thinking that Jon is done until he gets his sword and you realize that Valyrian Steel is the same thing as Dragonglass which makes Jon the second person to kill a White Walker in over 1,000 years.

Also, that’s the coolest sound effect in the series and I just love the shared look of Confusion on Jon and The Walker’s faces.

It then ends with Jon getting to the last boat as the Night’s King comes down and raises all of the dead wildlings back to life in one of the creepiest scenes of the series…which is also the cover photo for this article.

Favorite Scene : The Flight Of The Dragon.

This was it, the moment we had all been waiting for since the introduction of the dragons. Daenerys is about to be executed by the sons of the harpy and when you think she’s done is when Drogon swoops in, saves the day and she rides away flying on his back with Tyrion, Jorah and the rest just dumbfounded before what they just saw. It’s just a fun scene that was also a great payoff for all of us.

Favorite Quote : “Kill The Boy, Jon Snow, and let the man be born.”

I just always loved this quote. Having grown a lot in the years since this show started I understand exactly where Aemon is coming from with this. Jon will have to do many things that are against his better nature or even against the laws of the Night’s Watch but it’s what he’ll have to do if he’s going to be a worthy Lord Commander. Jon’s the only one who wants to fight the real battle of the realm and that’s ultimately what leads to…

Most Shocking Moment : For The Watch

I mean, I don’t even have to say anything, do I? There was nothing worse or more shocking than the death of Jon Snow. But as we know : Valar Morgulis.

Being betrayed by the skeleton crew of mutineers right after he’s attempted to save their lives about 8 times in the last two seasons is just awful but it’s the way this show goes. You think Jon is this great action hero? Nope, he’s dead. The final shot of Jon bleeding out in the snow is something none of us will forget anytime soon.

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