The Watchers on The Wall (GOT S4)

*Major Spoilers for Season 4!*

This entire season was why I love Game Of Thrones. Sweeping character development, scenes coming to fruition that we’d been waiting years for and of course the battle at The Wall which is still one of my all-time favorite episodes in television history.

Down in King’s Landing we also have the death of Joffrey and of course, everyone thinks it’s Tyrion who did it and so he goes on Trial and when he just has had enough he calls for Trial By Combat after telling everyone off.

And across the sea, Daenerys is taking over these three cities and freeing all of the slaves…until it starts blowing up in her face and they start planning to kill her. It’s a whole big thing.

Best Episode : The Watchers On The Wall

Obviously from my previous statement, this is my favorite episode of this season. Currently this is the second time that they’ve focused an entire episode on one area(Blackwater being the first.) The Watchers On The Wall maintained the power of being a perfect mix between character moments and a battle that’s as good as any big film production. Between the great tracking shot, the brutal fight between Styr and Jon or the tragic falls of Grenn, Pyp and Ygritte this is one of the most memorable episodes of the series and it’s easy to see why.

Favorite Scene : The Beetle Speech.

I’ve told this to people before and they always have the same response : “So your favorite scene in your favorite season doesn’t have your favorite character?”(Jon Snow is my favorite) It’s weird but it’s true. I’ll never forget where I was during this scene cause it stopped me in my tracks. Tyrion’s discussion of his cousin seems innocent enough between two brothers but if we really look into it, it works on multiple levels. What it’s effectively saying is that we often times feel like Cousin Orsin where we forget about how our actions are hurting others and sometimes we’re the beetles just running around trying not to get crushed but sadly, most of the time we’re Tyrion. We try to make sense of these things as they happen but we can’t because sometimes there is no absolute answer to why something happens. It’s my favorite scene because it’s a perfect commentary on the series in general.

Most Shocking Moment : The Mountain and The Viper.

Going chronologically, The Mountain VS. The Viper has to be the most shocking moment and it’s because there’s a point where we think that there’s happiness in the future. Unfortunately, there isn’t. The entire season, Oberyn Martell has been trying to get to the truth of who all was involved in his sister’s murder and when he finally has his victory over the one who killed her, he gets greedy. He starts taunting him and he wants him to confess about who else was involved but that’s when he screws up, the mountain gets the better of him and crushes his head with his bare hands. This was the point where we all screamed in horror because, like the red wedding before it, we still weren’t prepared to see it on the screen. A brutal finale for one of my favorite characters unfortunately and since it was a trial by combat, they sentence Tyrion to death.

Favorite Quote : “I have always been your Son.”

The ultimate quote for Season 4. The entire season has led to this moment, the death of Tywin. I just love how calculated Tyrion is in this scene, this isn’t a random killing and it isn’t a spur of the moment kind of thing. He’s wanted this and has planned for it ever since he was convicted. After everything that’s happened it was just perfect to see Tyrion kill Tywin and just leave the city after that. There was nothing left for him there and he had done all he could do. So…time to join forces with Someone stronger…

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