#48 – Cyborg

Cyborg is the heart and soul of the Teen Titans. Plain and simple. When it comes down to it the Titans are a team that focuses on the idea of younger heroes coming together to learn about their powers and grow as people. It’s basically DC’s answer to the X-Men and that’s where Cyborg really shines because he gets to be the one who suffered through a tragedy and gained abilities that he didn’t really want in the first place. The fact that takes those abilities and uses them to help people in the best way possible is one of the reasons I love him. In his later years he was always viewed as someone who would try to look on the bright side of things but of course these things happen to where he’s overcome with the depression and anxiety of his most recent years. His connection to people who go through different struggles is what has made him a DC mainstay over the last few years.

Victor Stone was a highschool football star when an accident happened causing to lose all but one of his limbs and many of his organs. His father, Silas Stone built him a new body with advanced cybernetic prosthetics thus making him Cyborg.

Initially Victor doesn’t want to live anymore but after he realizes all the good he can do, he accepts his new role as a hero.

He joins up with the newly reformed Teen Titans and quickly becomes a solid member with enhanced strength and incredible technology that him into one a powerhouse for the titans. Victor at time had risen to the rank of leader when Dick Grayson and Donna Troy would either step down or would be injured. He became a mentor for the next generation of Titans when they came of age.

In the New 52 reboot Cyborg was actually one of the founding members of the Justice League. Although being the youngest, the team never looks down on him and he can definitely hold his own. Especially after saving them during Throne Of Atlantis, Forever Evil and Darkseid War. Cyborg honestly kinda became that guy that you could just always count on to be there and save everyone.

Cyborg was also a huge part of the fantastic 2003 Teen Titans show. Always being that driving force thay the team needed and always trying to look on the brightside. He definitely deserves to be a part of my top 50.


From “Throne of Atlantis” this scene above truly shows who amd what Cyborg is. He has to get rid of his last human lung so that he can go and save the team. He has to constantly make those decisions of how to maintain his humanity while still having the ability to save everyone. This, to me, makes him one of the most selfless heroes in DC Comics.

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