Should we “Switch”?

On Thursday night we got an in-depth look at the Nintendo Switch, which is Nintendo’s latest console. Being a Fandom Correspondent means that I absolutely have an opinion on this so here we go :

First and Foremost I genuinely love Nintendo. Any problems I have with the Switch(which are few and very minor) are purely out of concern for me and my fellow gamers. I will always remain the optimist about Nintendo and I will always remain open minded until I see something different for myself.

The switch looks like it’s just pure Nintendo. While returning to a more classical style of Gameplay, we’re also still getting new innovations in the Joy-Con controller. The Joy-Con is a two piece controller that can be used together to form a more traditional controller or separated to where each person plays using one half of the controller. I’ve included the best videos I could find to help with explaining these below :


So the Joy-Con does look very interesting. I like the multiplayer aspect of a single Joy-Con but it will most likely only be available in select games such as Street Fighter; which leads me to my next point which is the games.

Ultra Street Fighter is a perfect throwback for the Switch and I love that it can be played with the original graphics of the updated ones. I think it’s a perfect way of keeping the classical feel with the new hardware and I think it works very well for most fans as well.

Super Mario Odyssey looks phenomenal, sending Mario into the real world is a brilliant new take on the series and I can’t wait to play this.

Arms looks like it’ll be an incredibly fun game to utilize Joy-Con Controllers. It basically looks like an advanced version of Wii Sports Boxing which was always amazing. This is rumored to be able to play with regular controls as well but I don’t think it’d be quite as fun.

I’m calling it now, Splatoon 2 is going to be the game of the summer. The first one is incredibly fun and the sequel is only set up to be even better.

I have heard nothing but great things from Xenoblade Chronicles and this trailer is making me want to pick up the first one and get caught up on the storyline.

So basically I get to play Fire Emblem Characters in a Dynasty Warriors setting the same way you did if for Legend of Zelda and Hyrule Warriors two years ago? Sign me up! I want this!

Apparently there will be more information on this game sometime today and I’ll be talking about that as soon as I have more info.

And of course, the highly anticipated Legend Of Zelda : Breath of The Wild. This game looks absolutely phenomenal, it has probably the best looking graphics of any Zelda game with what is rumored to be a map that is three times as big as Skyrim. You add official voice acting and survival elements for Link. Yeah, I’m ready to go back to Hyrule.

Especially to figure out what happened to it, everything looks amazing but it also looks incredibly different. We’ll find out on March 3rd.

Notice all the games I mentioned and then look at this picture :

Only 5 games are coming out at launch and all of them look to be a lot of fun but I’m most likely just going to buy Legend Of Zelda. Sure, they have a healthy lineup throughout the rest of the year but they could’ve at least had ports like Skyrim and I am Setsuna ready or remakes like Ultra Street Fighter or Sonic Mania. This is honestly the only thing I’m nervous about is the launch titles but everything else looks great.

Now the online play is something else worth mentioning. Nintendo has come out and said that this will be free until sometime in the fall and they will give you a game to play that month for free. The only catch is that apparently after the month is up, so is that game unless you buy it. So basically they’re letting you rent a game each month. I’ll be fine with that as soon as I see what games we get. The only other issue I have is that there really isn’t any great Nintendo online games besides Splatoon 2, Arms and Mario Kart. They’ll need to beef up their online games a bit before that can go over well.

I like the hardware a lot. I know it’s said to be matching the power of the Wii U, 360 and PS3 but I’m perfectly fine with that. I don’t pick up Nintendo to play games with amazing graphics like Uncharted or Battlefield 1(which are both great, no hate coming from me here) I play Nintendo because it’s classical fun.

So although I might not be able to find one at launch, as soon as I do, I will Switch.

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