Speeding Bullets #6 Naturally Nintendo

Nintendo has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom got me, my brother and my sister GameBoy Colors when I was five. I got my first GameCube when I was ten and all I asked for my Thirteenth Birthday was a Wii. Add in my love for the DS and 3DS and there’s always been something to bring me back to Nintendo. Today was no different.

Nintendo revealed their next console, The Nintendo Switch.

What it’s going to be is basically a handheld console that can be hooked up to your T.V. which sounds like I’m underselling it but it does have some really cool features such as the Joy-Con Controller which will be able to play on a screen separately from the T.V., be taken anywhere and even be split apart to allow two people to play on the smaller screen. Judging from the reveal trailer it will have enough power to run an Elder Scrolls game which is something that no Nintendo system has been able to do up to this point. They are switching(Pun Intended) back to cartridges and a lot of people were skeptical over the decision to return to cartridges over disc but I honestly think it’s a great move on their part. If they can maintain the power of a disc in cartridges then why not? I think it’s just another point to prove why Nintendo has mastered being new and innovative while maintaining a love for what has come before. Another example of that is the fact that you will be able to have a more classical game controller as well.(Which is featured in the trailer below)

To actually see the controller and many other features, watch the video below.

Something else that Nintendo Switch is going to focus on is the idea of local multiplayer which is something that many games have all but forgotten. I’m sure that the Switch will still have online features but they’re ancillary in comparison to the focus of getting together with friends.

If you disagree with me then think about all those Final Smashes and Blue Shells you’ve used. Was it over a head set? or were you sitting next to each other on the couch? When me and my sister went through Ocarina Of Time and Windwaker we’d each take turns and replaying those weren’t really the same if she wasn’t in the room with me. Nintendo has thrived on a sense of togetherness that the Switch will only reinforce.

Still not convinced? Well what about all the third party developers that have shown their support already? Developers like Bethesda, EA, Activision, Square Enix, Konami, Koei and many more have already come out and said that they’re working on products for the Switch. The reason this is huge is because many of these developers have never signed on for a Nintendo system before. This means that we will be getting collaborations that we’ve never seen before.

Bottom Line : This isn’t just going to be the next gimmick around, They look focused on games and on giving the fans what they’ve wanted. I think this is the capabilities that we wanted to see from the Wii U and they just never came up to par for most people. But this system could be Nintendo’s best decision yet.

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