Speeding Bullets #2

We finally have our Iron Fist!

I think Finn Jones is gonna do very well in this role. Danny Rand’s character has always been one of those where I really like him even without reading much about him. That being said, much of that is probably due to him being a mystical ninja…which is possibly the greatest title of all time.

I’m excited for this series because this is honestly going to be the weirdest of the four main Netflix shows. Daredevil and Jessica Jones both involved two street level characters, one of which didn’t even feature any superpowers beyond Daredevil’s heightened senses. Iron Fist’s origins are steeped in the mystical side of comics and I’m hoping that the first half of the season is him getting his powers and then the second half is all about him coming home and joining up with Luke Cage and becoming Heroes for Hire/The Defenders.

One interesting aspect is where does this leave Loras Tyrell?(Jones’ character in Game Of Thrones) Last time we saw Loras in the show he was captured by the High Sparrow’s militia. In the books, he was heavily wounded in battle and was assumed that he would soon die. There’s nothing that says he can be in both shows but I think it makes sense that Loras would die soon on Game Of Thrones anyway.

Bottom Line, I can’t wait for more of the netflix shows and I’ll probably be looking for some more Iron Fist comics when I go to Comic-Con next month.


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