A quick recap of Star Wars Celebration 2016

Wow, so a lot of really  cool stuff happened over the last week. Unfortunately, I’ve been addicted to Pokemon GO and am just now getting  around to writing. Sorry about that but if you’re playing the game then I’m sure you understand. One of the biggest things to happen in the last few weeks was Star Wars Celebration so let’s get right down to what we learned.

Rogue One

We have now learned that the new planet in Rogue One being called “Scarif” and that planet being the 4th DLC pack for Star Wars: Battlefront. I love everything I’ve heard about Rogue One, the idea that it’s going to be a war film with a darker tone sounds very intriguing and it’s something that we haven’t really seen in Star Wars before.

Gareth Edwards is basically everyone of us if we were directing a Star Wars film, him talking about meeting Mark Hamill for the first time is the exact same way that I would be. He has the same love for these stories that J.J. Abrams did and that’s why I’m excited for this movie.

(Quick disclaimer, I’m not going to share the leaked second trailer because I don’t want to anger Lucasfilm and get my page shut down over a 60 second choppy camera phone trailer. That being said, it does show some cool stuff.)

Star Wars Rebels

Having just recently gotten caught up on Season 2(The Finale was amazingly insane and I still want a definitive answer on what happened to Ashoka) I am incredibly excited for the new season. Kanan becoming a blind master, learning more about the Sith holocron and finding out what Ezra is going to do with it is going to be fantastic in this new season.

All of that aside, the biggest news is the fact that Grand Admiral Thrawn has been added to the cast and is going to be one of the main villains for season 3. I’ve never been a huge fan of his because I’ve never read the Thrawn trilogy books but everyone loves him so I’m happy that more people can enjoy this show now.

Episode VIII

We don’t know a whole lot yet and I’m totally ok with that. I know that there is no time jump between Force Awakens and VIII which I think is the smarter move to make and I know that Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards were apparently working on Rogue One and VIII in the same office building two rooms down from each other and they’re going to have cameos in each other’s movie.

These films were apparently very influential on the script: Twelve O’Clock High, Letter Never Sent, Bridge on the River Kwai, Three Outlaw Samurai,Gunga Din, Sahara.

Episode VIII is also going to be more about character development for the newer characters and they’re using as many practical effects as they can. More things that I’m super happy with.

Han Solo

Not a part of the celebration but I figured I’d say something. I don’t know Alden Ehrenreich from anything big but this is the same studio that gave us Daisy Ridley as Rey. I’m inclined to trust them here.

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