Gotta Catch ‘Em All(Part 1)

(Disclaimer: All rights to Pokemon and Pokemon Go go to Nintendo and Niantic. This was done purely out of fun and love for the fandom. Pokemon Go is great, check it out.)

This was it, today was the big day. I would travel out into the world, get my starter Pokemon and then start collecting every Pokemon I can find. Professor Willow has always been nice enough to me but he was still a little intimidating. I ran out of the house and saw that it was raining. My training would be a little delayed but luckily Professor Willow came to my house.

“I saw that it was raining and I knew you just couldn’t wait to get your Pokemon. Unfortunately, I only have one left.” He began, “See, when some of the other kids saw it was raining they thought it would be perfect to get a water or grass type, no one wanted the fire type on a day like today. So all I have is a Charmander right now but if you want to wait then I can get more.”

“That’s perfect! Charmander is who I wanted! Thanks Professor!”

“Anytime Vance, oh speaking of which I already know another Vance and would it be ok if I called you Vance81394 instead?”

“It’s a little bit odd Professor but then again you just handed me a creature that breathes fire so…Why should I start questioning you now?”

“Exactly! Have Fun!”

I quickly leveled up my Charmander as much as I could and he learned a few different moves. It was a great start and then I realized that the rain had stopped. It was time. I quickly ran to the park and saw that a bunch of my friends were new trainers too. Suddenly I was pushed out of the way by a group of people, I couldn’t see what they were doing at first until I stood back up. It was a poke-battle. Members of Team Valor and Team Mystic were each fighting as hard as they could. Vaporeon and Magmar fought for Valor while Pidgeot and Pinsir fought for mystic. It was great until I saw the way the trainers were acting, hurling hate speech and obscenities at each other. This isn’t what Pokemon is about. My friends came over and I had some Friends on Team Mystic and I had a lot of Friends on Valor and I had a few friends on Instinct. Luckily all of my friends agreed that Pokemon wasn’t about hating each other which made me feel better.

“Soon enough, you’ll have to choose too” My sister, Raven said.(Valor)

“Yeah but just go with who you like and who you think you can do well with.” Said Megan King.(Mystic)

“I chose because of where my friends were and my choice of the legendary birds.” Red Lanyard said from far away(Instinct)

I thought for a while on these choices but then I saw a wild Pidgey and a wild Ratata, and then another Pidgey and Ratata and another and another. It was an infestation, Pokeballs in hand, I began catching as many as i could to get better and to evolve them. I had Raticates and Pidgeots by the end of the day. I chased down Squirtles and Tentacruels, hunted for an elusive Gastly and tragically missed a Dratini. But I had fun and I got a good days worth of exercise in…but the day was not done. I still hadn’t chosen my team.

I looked at my pokedex and it asked me which team I wanted to be a part of and all of my friends were still very supportive of me. I chose Valor because I love Moltres, I believe in my pokemon and I just always prefer fire type pokemon. It’s why I chose Charmander. This was only Day 1 and I knew there would be many more from here on out. Until Next time…


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