E3 – Kingdom Hearts

First, I’ll let the trailer speak for itself!

Now then, AHHH! It’s finally on it’s way! Every Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer is effectively that M&M Christmas commercial with us saying “It does exist!” This trailer shows us some gameplay mixed with a few story beats as well. This isn’t a spin-off and there’s no side characters here. It’s Sora, Donald and Goofy facing off against the Heartless again. After 12 years and 6 spin-offs since the last core game in the series it’s high time for an actual sequel. I’m excited to see how the gameplay has advanced in such a way and I can’t wait to see the possibility of Marvel and Star Wars being added to the worlds.

The story looks interesting even though we don’t see much, but the the fact that Sora’s trying to bring Roxas back and that Xemnas is giving him advice isn’t really a great sign.

The Level Design and graphics that we see for Olympus looks great and I’m really excited to see that next trailer and find out what the new world is going to be.

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