“Legacy”: Why “Batman: The Telltale Series” is near perfection.

A little background, Telltale games began back in 2004 and since then they have specialized in making episodic games based on different properties such as “Game Of Thrones”, “Walking Dead” and most recently “Batman.” Their gameplay style has always been a point and click style with quick-time events for conversations, fights and decision making. They’re always very story driven over high scores and bragging rights. One of the best parts of the games is the instant replay-ability of it. The different choices you can make is so intricate and each decision changes the flow of the game.

Alright, I was late to the game of knowing that Telltale is absolutely fantastic but I’m willing to make up for lost time. When I heard that a game series could let me interact with Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and many others then I knew that I had to at least give it a shot. I loved it and hated it when one of my decisions would kill a beloved character or would make the game more difficult for me on the next episode. The idea of controlling the game by having to make the right alliance was one of the best parts for me which leads me to my main point and the title of this article.

Telltale could easily be called “Legacy Games” because of their attention to detail and love for what they do. Even before you get to the menu in Batman, you see a montage of famous comic book covers from Bob Kane and Neal Adams to more recent artists like Tony Daniel and Greg Capullo. But it’s also apparent in the “Game Of Thrones” and “Fables” games(I haven’t played Walking Dead yet.) They have multiple callbacks to their histories and tell truly great stories within their respective universes. Fortunately, Batman has been no different.

Within the first episode(Currently the only one that’s out.) we get to be both Batman and Bruce Wayne and truly control the outcome of Gotham’s future. The idea of Legacy comes up about halfway through the game from Alfred, Harvey Dent and Bruce himself. When it comes down to it, three of the biggest players all have a concept of Legacy and power following them.

The point and click/quick time events gameplay isn’t for everyone but I love it and it works a lot better for Batman than I thought it would. Say the wrong thing as Bruce Wayne? You could lose your company. Be too slow as Batman? You could get stabbed or shot.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic entry for TellTale and an all around great Batman story. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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