My Wonder Woman

If I live to be a hundred years old, I will never forget this moment:

I had just come home from work and was on the phone with my brother. I went up the stairs to say to my mom and when I entered the room she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and all she could get out was “He’s so brave!” I looked and saw that my mother was watching “Captain America : The First Avenger” and Steve was in the chamber becoming Captain America. She cared so much for a characters well being and it had reminded her of the bravery of true heroes in the world and it built an emotional connection for her. Most people can watch or read something and not feel anything but not her. To her, everything was emotion.

This was Linda Hardesty. My Mother. My Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was her absolute favorite, but she loved all of the different characters. We went and saw Iron Man in 2008 and went to Free Comic Book Day and then from that moment on, My mother would start reading comics with me. She always wanted to be in Jane Foster’s shoes and be whisked away to Asgard, she wanted to be inspired by a man of steel over metropolis and she wanted to stand up for what’s right and never back down from darkness like Wonder Woman. She lived her life in a way that people only dream of, every moment she lived with the wisdom of a woman who had seen the world change over the years but she still never lost the child-like wonder of finding something new. That wonder is something that we could all stand to appreciate and enjoy.

She loved and was loved in return. She always pushed me to be the very best at what I was doing and I probably wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t for her guidance. Every article and every story has a piece of her in it. I’m not writing this article to just relive moments of her life and my memories of her, I’m writing this so that you understand that although this is my second Mother’s Day without my mother, she’s always still with me. She’s the reason this site is here and she’s the reason I write. Everything I do is in the hopes of living up to her memory.

Linda Sue McCarty Hardesty 1953-2015

-Jacob Vance Hardesty(Vance McCarty)

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