Comic-Con 2016

Wow, what a year! Love it or hate it, this year’s given us quite a few different things to enjoy and look forward to and Comic-Con was no different. So Let’s get right into it.

DC Television

Wait! I changed my mind! Don’t make me talk about Arrow!

You know what? I can’t, primarily because this was the interaction that me and my sister just had.

*Arrow Season Five Trailer ends*

Raven : Was that Scarecrow? I thought he was a Batman villain.

Me : I hate everything, especially discount Batman with a bow.

Seriously though. I stopped watching Arrow back in December. I hated everything about Season 4 and I don’t plan on watching season 5. If you like it, that’s fine and you’re more than welcome to disagree with me but I’m not a fan.

(Also, Yes I know that character most likely isn’t Scarecrow)

(Minor Update, That character has been confirmed as Ragman…thus proving that Arrow is already backpedaling on the whole “No more powers on this show” crap that Amell and Berlanti were trying to sell the fans on.)

As for Flash, I actually need to get caught up because I hardly watched any of the second half but I know most of what happened. I enjoy Flash most of the time except for when Iris is on the screen but this new season actually looks pretty cool.

Not gonna lie, after the Pilot I didn’t watch anything else. I heard mixed things and it just didn’t really hold my interest. That being said, Justice Society was always a favorite of mine, maybe I’ll watch a few episodes.

No! You monsters leave my Court of Owls alone! I stopped watching halfway through Season 1 and I refuse to watch this.

Marvel Netflix

Alright now we’re talking! This looks fantastic! I already loved Luke in Jessica Jones and I can’t wait to see him in his own series. Also, It’s never a bad time to hear some “Shimmy, Shimmy Ya!”

Finally, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and I think that Finn Jones is gonna be great as Iron Fist.

This is happening a lot sooner than I anticipated but I’m really excited for it. To see these four together is going to be fantastic and they’re going to facing the hand, hmm…Could Elektra play a role in this?

If you didn’t see this coming then I don’t know what rock you’re living under. Season 2 was phenomenal and I’m glad they’re continuing on. It has been confirmed that this will premiere after Defenders.

Marvel is just killing it with these Netflix shows. They have movie quality episodes every time. If you’re not watching them then you still have plenty of time to catch up before Luke Cage starts in September.

Marvel Television

I already love Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I will defend it as long as I have to. I’m really excited to see where we go from the phenomenal Season 3 and I can’t wait to see Ghost Rider. They’ve already announced that it’s Gabriel Luna playing Robbie Reyes and not Johnny Blaze. One major difference is that instead of a motorcycle, Reyes drives this:

Something else that many people are wondering about is if Ghost Rider is the connection to Dr. Strange(More on him later) during the November episodes, they’re both mystical so he could very well be.

This looks surprisingly good. When I heard they were doing a Legion show I was hesitant to get behind but it looks like they’re handling the Schizophrenia and crazy powers really well. I’m all for it. Another thing is this is the first mild collaboration between Marvel and Fox, could this be the first step towards a merger? I certainly hope so.

DC Animated

This one’s interesting because one sounds great, the other sounds kinda awful and the last one’s going to be amazing. Let’s get the bad out of the way.

Although I was initially excited to see Bruce Timm, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy return to the characters they helped to revitalize in the 90’s. That being said, I knew that The Killing Joke wasn’t the greatest story that everyone made it out to be. Was it important from a historical standpoint? Yes. Did it form Barbara Gordon’s story for the next 23 years? Yes. Was it Sexist? Sure was. Did it jumpstart the “Women in Refrigerators” movement?(The group that fights against Wives/Girlfriends being introduced in comics just to be brutalized or killed to progress the male characters narrative.) Absolutely it did. Overall, I’m not a huge fan but I was going to watch it to enjoy seeing more of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill but now I’m not even sure if I’ll do that after hearing about the fact that they added in a sex scene between Batman and Batgirl, yeah, I’m not a fan of that. When they hinted towards it in Batman Beyond it wasn’t as bad because they were so much older but Barbara is 19 at the oldest in this and it just sounds forced.

Once again, for every dark, there is a light. This show looks great and I love everything about it. The new art style, the focus on multiple different characters from every corner of the DCU and the fact that Wonder Woman called Superman and Batman her sidekicks everything about it looks like so much fun.

I didn’t really know that I wanted this movie until I saw The Lego Movie. It looks absolutely hilarious and I can’t wait.

Injustice 2

While they didn’t show a lot they did show some cool stuff. Wonder Woman was grossly underpowered in the previous game and it looks like they fixed that quite a bit. Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle is another great addition and I can’t wait for both of them.

Miscellaneous Films

So, I didn’t think this was going to be that good because I’m always a little hesitant on remakes but this actually looks surprisingly cool. Even if the story isn’t that good, it still has major star power from Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and John Goodman and they’re always worth watching.

This really intrigues me. The fact that they are choosing to make a sequel and forget about the terrible 2001 sequel is pretty funny. Another reason I like it is because they kept it entirely under wraps which was one of my favorite parts about 10 Cloverfield Lane, another film I absolutely loved. Blair Witch in itself wasn’t that great but it was considered revolutionary for it’s time and more importantly the same team that did the film You’re Next, another classic horror film, is writing and directing this.

This looks great. I actually only recently got into Harry Potter but I’m incredibly excited for this film and seeing more of this magical world that Rowling has created. She and Yates are a great team that I’m ready to see more of and I’m really interested in seeing what references we’ll get to the original series.

King Arthur is one of my favorite stories and I love this team so much! Charlie Hunam, Djimon Hounsou, Eric Bana, Jude Law and Ralph Fiennes all directed by Guy Ritchie. I really think this is going to be fantastic and I’m just happy to see Charlie Hunam in more things.

DC Comics

Now, it might seem odd but San Diego has evolved into not being as much about Comic news but more about every medium surrounding it. Sure, there are still some panels but typically there aren’t many big reveals or announcements until the New York Comic-Con in October. That being said, there were a few things here and there at San Diego.

The biggest one from DC was that Tom King will be continuing the Joker Story from Rebirth in Batman #9 which is due out in October.

Like I said, DC didn’t bring much via comics besides a few different panels but we’ll get more news from them soon enough.

Marvel Comics

Marvel gave us a few great things to hear about. The announcement that there would be more X-Men books was very exciting. I was worried that Marvel would discontinue them after Civil War II but having announced Enemy of the State II

My guess is that it’s going to be Old Man Logan VS. Laura, which would be awesome but time will tell.

Death Of X

Which will recount what started the war between the Mutants and the Inhumans which lead directly to…

Bottom Line, I’m just happy the X-Men aren’t leaving us yet.

They also announced Civil War II : The Oath. In this Tie-In, Carol Danvers and Tony Stark both turn to Steve Rogers for advice. But wait! Isn’t Steve still under Hydra Control? Gasp! What will happen? Seriously, I’m really excited for this.

Marvel Studios

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is going to be just as crazy and as much fun as the previous film. Unfortunately they didn’t release the footage publicly but apparently there’s a scene where we see Yondu, Rocket and Baby Groot break out of a Ravager Jail and there was a sizzle reel of Star-Lord, Gamora, Mantis, Sylvester Stallone’s character, the new Villain Ayesha and Kurt Russell who is playing Star-Lord’s father: Ego The Living Planet.

Wait, what?

You mean this guy?

Huh…well I’ve trusted Marvel and the Guardians this long. Let’s keep it going!

Bottom Line, this sounds just as much fun as the first one and I can’t wait.

Yes, that is Hulk’s Planet Hulk Armor…which is totally going to be in Thor : Ragnarok! I’m super pumped to see what they do with this.

They added two more primary villains to the listing of this film in Surtur and Fenris with no announcement on casting yet but these characters join new comers : Cate Blanchett as Hela, Karl Urban as Skurge, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, who in the comics is the brother of Benicio Del Toro’s Guardians character: The Collector. No word on if that plays into the film.

I can’t wait for this movie, I think it’s gonna be one of the best they’ve done.

While we didn’t get to see the footage, we did get this awesome concept art for Spider-Man Homecoming. It’s being described as a John Hughes Spider-Man movie which I absolutely love. The cast has grown quite a bit in the months since Civil War featuring Donald Glover and Hannibal Buress and Martin Starr in unnamed roles, Zendaya as Michelle(or Mary Jane perhaps? Hmm…), Laura Harrier as Liz(Presumably Liz Allan), Jacob Batolan as Ned(presumably Ned Leeds AKA The future Hobgoblin!), Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, Logan Marshall-Green as The Tinkerer and Michael Keaton as The Vulture.

Huge Cast and it sounds like a lot of Fun. Hope to see the trailer here in the next few months.

That trailer speaks for itself really so I’m just gonna say that I’m really excited and ready for my brain to explode from crazy world changing powers.

Ryan Coogler came out and Announced that joining Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa would be Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o as the villains, Eric Killmonger and Malice.

But luckily T’Challa will have some help in the form of Danai Gurira as Okoye, The head of the Dora Milaje(Those awesome female bodyguards that follow T’Challa around in Civil War)

Overall, I think this might the Marvel film I’m most excited for.

We now have the logo for Captain Marvel which I’m really excited to see. Also I seriously thought Brie Larson was casted weeks ago. Apparently I was wrong. Something else I didn’t know, she looks lovely with red hair

Who knew?

The final bit of news for Marvel is something that I heard a while back but the fact that he brought it up again is interesting. Joss Whedon enjoyed his time at Marvel but he wants to do other things, which is understandable but when he was asked if he would ever return he said he would for one movie: Black Widow.

There you go Marvel. The Mic has been dropped. You have your star and your director/screenwriter ready to go. I will personally buy tickets even before it’s done filming, trust me, you won’t lose any money.

Seriously, #BlackWidowMovie

DC Films

and now we’ve come to the finale. The only group that can win best of Comic Con and Worst of Comic Con, DC Films. Seriously though overall I think Marvel had the better panel but DC had one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen…This first one is not that trailer

The visuals look cool except I don’t know why Flash’s lightning isn’t red or yellow like the comics but that’s a minor complaint. Cyborg looks awesome and Wonder Woman is still perfect in every way. The jokes feel forced because they are forced. I also don’t like that Barry Allen is apparently going to be written as the outcast. I know he’s kinda nerdy but he doesn’t have a shortage of friends. Either way, it has some decent moments but it looks like nothing in comparison to what Marvel showed…or what the next trailer showed…

I’ve never had a trailer give me hope for an entire company. There’s multiple color pallets, the jokes don’t seem forced, the writing sounds solid and most importantly it looks like they did everything with a love and reverence to Wonder Woman as a character which is what I wanted to see. “What I do is not up to you” is one of those perfect lines up there with “I can do this all day” or “We are not soldiers” I can’t wait for this movie.

Sorry it took so long but thanks for reading! We’ll have more comic-con news in October with the New York comic-con and don’t forget to keep checking this site and the facebook page for all the best opinion articles and news.

A Response to an IGN Article.

Jesse Schedeen, who writes at IGN, wrote an article a few weeks ago asking the question: “Is Marvel Losing Ground to DC?” I would like to write a counterpoint article. Take note of a few things before we proceed:

  1. I still have great respect  for Mr. Schedeen as a writer and this article is just where me and him see differently on a few things.
  2. I’m not just a “Marvel Fanboy” I have great love for what DC has done, Rebirth has had some really solid comics and some really bad ones. That being said…

Is Marvel losing ground to DC? No. Absolutely not. Now, Mr. Schedeen wrote his article  before Marvel released their Fall line-up so he is at a slight disadvantage but I don’t think his opinions would’ve changed that much. Many of his issues with the company were things that will most likely continue into this next season but whereas they are things that he might be upset with, most of them are things that I can’t wait for. Prime Example: I love the idea of two new people taking on the mantle of Iron Man but him and many others most likely hate the idea. WiseSage himself has said that he will miss Tony Stark as Iron Man but he, like me, is open to new storylines. I had originally planned on doing an entire article on the new line-up but just about everything I could say has already been given on any number of articles on other sites so instead I’ll be talking a bit about the ones I’m excited for while responding to Mr. Schedeen’s article. If you’re interested in seeing all of the solicitations then you can see them here:

So why do I think Marvel isn’t losing ground to DC? Simple: DC’s not willing to take a risk and when they do, it’s the wrong risk. Let Scott Lobdell, Dan Jurgens and Peter J. Tomasi have very little editorial backlash? Bad Risk. Make Pre-Flashpoint Superman an idiot? Bad Risk. Use Titans to forget about one of the most beloved Teen Titans runs? Really Bad Risk. Now, Don’t think that I’m just hating on DC all throughout this article because I’m not. In fact, Here’s some good risks they’ve taken.

  • Keeping Robert Venditti on Green Lantern was a very good decision. He had the unenviable task of following Johns and yes, his earlier stuff was a little rough but he only got better the more I read. Godhead was a fantastic storyline and I loved Hal going rogue. It was a different take but it never stopped being fun.
  • Letting Tom King take over on Batman was absolutely perfect. Both of these decisions were mainly risks due to the fact that their previous writers were Eisner award winners and anybody would be a risk in comparison but King was clearly the best choice. His Batman has already given us some amazing things to see and it’s only on the third issue.
  • Bringing Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz back to the forefront of DC and making them Earth’s primary Lanterns was a perfect move. These two were not only great diverse characters in their own right they were also horribly underused and deserved their own story. Also, Sam Humphries was a great choice for writer here.
  • Everything about Detective Comics, Nightwing and Green Arrow have been perfect. That is all.

See? I like DC and I want them to succeed but let’s face the fact that if we’re looking at DC You/Rebirth VS. Secret Wars/All-New, All-Different Marvel then Marvel has clearly won over the last year and a half. Secret Wars was easily one of my all time favorite event comics and every Marvel comic that I’ve read since then has been at least a 7 out of 10.(I haven’t read all of them but seriously most of them have been pretty solid.)

Something else that Marvel has done is perfected the idea of a reboot. Instead of restarting every 3 or 4 years, Marvel is now working on a seasonal schedule like a television series. Now every fall we get to see all of the wild changes, new comics and new characters for us to enjoy. I love this system because it gives people a perfect jumping on point once a year while also carrying on all the great stories that us comic readers already love.

Something else that I love that Marvel is doing is building up their characters. Ask someone who Marvel’s best character is and you could get a plethora of answers now ranging from household names like Iron Man and Spider-Man all the way to previously unknown heroes like Star-Lord and Jessica Jones. Marvel has built their roster up to where there are no more obscure heroes or villains. Everyone has the ability of being an A-Lister now. If you told me 10 years ago that Carol Danvers(Captain Marvel) would be headlining the summer event comic with Iron Man then I would’ve thought you were crazy, not because she wasn’t any good but because she wasn’t really a headlining fan-favorite yet.

Now contrast that with DC, they have great characters but they’re not willing to branch out too far from the main ones. Ask someone who the best DC character is and you’ll get some who say Superman, some who say Wonder Woman, a few would say Flash and most would say Batman. Nothing wrong with those answers because those guys are great but they’re everywhere for DC. Why doesn’t the Justice League Line-Up change? Why hasn’t anyone besides Scott Snyder, Robert Venditti and Geoff Johns created new characters?(That last one is a slight exaggeration but it still holds some weight)

A great example of what they should do came from WiseSage. His plan was that they should make the Justice League like it was in the 80’s with a few heavy hitters like Flash and Aquaman and then build up some lesser known characters like Black Canary and Blue Beetle. I think it’s a great idea and a perfect way to build up your roster.

What’s that? It would never work? well I have two words for you, random naysayer: Young. Justice. How many non comic readers do you think knew about Jaime Reyes, Kaldur’ahm or Artemis before that show? Probably not too many and yet they all became fan favorites. I don’t understand why DC animated and DC Comics both let this goldmine fall to the wayside. I would buy a Young Justice comic, I’d watch a Season 3 and I’d buy as many action figures and shirts as it took to keep it on the air. This was a show that started a movement that hasn’t been seen since Batman: The Animated Series(Yup, I said it.) and yet for some reason DC has allowed them to become “Forgotten.”

Meanwhile, Marvel has put some of it’s best talent on their fan favorite books. Soule on Daredevil, Bendis on Guardians Of The Galaxy and Coates on Black Panther have all given us some great comics and it will only continue after this fall. I love DC but they’ve got a long road ahead of them before they can catch up to Marvel.

A quick recap of Star Wars Celebration 2016

Wow, so a lot of really  cool stuff happened over the last week. Unfortunately, I’ve been addicted to Pokemon GO and am just now getting  around to writing. Sorry about that but if you’re playing the game then I’m sure you understand. One of the biggest things to happen in the last few weeks was Star Wars Celebration so let’s get right down to what we learned.

Rogue One

We have now learned that the new planet in Rogue One being called “Scarif” and that planet being the 4th DLC pack for Star Wars: Battlefront. I love everything I’ve heard about Rogue One, the idea that it’s going to be a war film with a darker tone sounds very intriguing and it’s something that we haven’t really seen in Star Wars before.

Gareth Edwards is basically everyone of us if we were directing a Star Wars film, him talking about meeting Mark Hamill for the first time is the exact same way that I would be. He has the same love for these stories that J.J. Abrams did and that’s why I’m excited for this movie.

(Quick disclaimer, I’m not going to share the leaked second trailer because I don’t want to anger Lucasfilm and get my page shut down over a 60 second choppy camera phone trailer. That being said, it does show some cool stuff.)

Star Wars Rebels

Having just recently gotten caught up on Season 2(The Finale was amazingly insane and I still want a definitive answer on what happened to Ashoka) I am incredibly excited for the new season. Kanan becoming a blind master, learning more about the Sith holocron and finding out what Ezra is going to do with it is going to be fantastic in this new season.

All of that aside, the biggest news is the fact that Grand Admiral Thrawn has been added to the cast and is going to be one of the main villains for season 3. I’ve never been a huge fan of his because I’ve never read the Thrawn trilogy books but everyone loves him so I’m happy that more people can enjoy this show now.

Episode VIII

We don’t know a whole lot yet and I’m totally ok with that. I know that there is no time jump between Force Awakens and VIII which I think is the smarter move to make and I know that Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards were apparently working on Rogue One and VIII in the same office building two rooms down from each other and they’re going to have cameos in each other’s movie.

These films were apparently very influential on the script: Twelve O’Clock High, Letter Never Sent, Bridge on the River Kwai, Three Outlaw Samurai,Gunga Din, Sahara.

Episode VIII is also going to be more about character development for the newer characters and they’re using as many practical effects as they can. More things that I’m super happy with.

Han Solo

Not a part of the celebration but I figured I’d say something. I don’t know Alden Ehrenreich from anything big but this is the same studio that gave us Daisy Ridley as Rey. I’m inclined to trust them here.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All(Part 1)

(Disclaimer: All rights to Pokemon and Pokemon Go go to Nintendo and Niantic. This was done purely out of fun and love for the fandom. Pokemon Go is great, check it out.)

This was it, today was the big day. I would travel out into the world, get my starter Pokemon and then start collecting every Pokemon I can find. Professor Willow has always been nice enough to me but he was still a little intimidating. I ran out of the house and saw that it was raining. My training would be a little delayed but luckily Professor Willow came to my house.

“I saw that it was raining and I knew you just couldn’t wait to get your Pokemon. Unfortunately, I only have one left.” He began, “See, when some of the other kids saw it was raining they thought it would be perfect to get a water or grass type, no one wanted the fire type on a day like today. So all I have is a Charmander right now but if you want to wait then I can get more.”

“That’s perfect! Charmander is who I wanted! Thanks Professor!”

“Anytime Vance, oh speaking of which I already know another Vance and would it be ok if I called you Vance81394 instead?”

“It’s a little bit odd Professor but then again you just handed me a creature that breathes fire so…Why should I start questioning you now?”

“Exactly! Have Fun!”

I quickly leveled up my Charmander as much as I could and he learned a few different moves. It was a great start and then I realized that the rain had stopped. It was time. I quickly ran to the park and saw that a bunch of my friends were new trainers too. Suddenly I was pushed out of the way by a group of people, I couldn’t see what they were doing at first until I stood back up. It was a poke-battle. Members of Team Valor and Team Mystic were each fighting as hard as they could. Vaporeon and Magmar fought for Valor while Pidgeot and Pinsir fought for mystic. It was great until I saw the way the trainers were acting, hurling hate speech and obscenities at each other. This isn’t what Pokemon is about. My friends came over and I had some Friends on Team Mystic and I had a lot of Friends on Valor and I had a few friends on Instinct. Luckily all of my friends agreed that Pokemon wasn’t about hating each other which made me feel better.

“Soon enough, you’ll have to choose too” My sister, Raven said.(Valor)

“Yeah but just go with who you like and who you think you can do well with.” Said Megan King.(Mystic)

“I chose because of where my friends were and my choice of the legendary birds.” Red Lanyard said from far away(Instinct)

I thought for a while on these choices but then I saw a wild Pidgey and a wild Ratata, and then another Pidgey and Ratata and another and another. It was an infestation, Pokeballs in hand, I began catching as many as i could to get better and to evolve them. I had Raticates and Pidgeots by the end of the day. I chased down Squirtles and Tentacruels, hunted for an elusive Gastly and tragically missed a Dratini. But I had fun and I got a good days worth of exercise in…but the day was not done. I still hadn’t chosen my team.

I looked at my pokedex and it asked me which team I wanted to be a part of and all of my friends were still very supportive of me. I chose Valor because I love Moltres, I believe in my pokemon and I just always prefer fire type pokemon. It’s why I chose Charmander. This was only Day 1 and I knew there would be many more from here on out. Until Next time…


Once Upon A Review : Snow White

My friends, one of the things I wanted this site to become was a place for people to come and post their own writings and thoughts. This segment is the first part of that. Megan King came to me a while ago with the idea of covering more of the Disney films. I love everything Disney but from a news/journalistic perspective I typically lean more towards the Marvel and Star Wars side of that spectrum. Megan, being my stubborn and resilient friend sent me an email with an entire article on Snow White and an entire plan for a series of reviews. Thus, Once Upon A Review was born. She plans on taking us on a trip through Disney history and that begins with Snow White. So, without further ado, I present: Once Upon A Review


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)

  • The first Disney princess
  • Walt Disney company’s first full-length cel animated feature film, meaning each frame was hand-drawn
  • Cast-
    • Adriana Caselotti (Snow White)
      • Only ever notably played Snow White
      • First woman to be named a Disney Legend for her voice acting, awarded in 1994.
    • Lucille La Verne (Evil Queen Grimhilde)
    • Harry Stockwell (Prince Ferdinand)
    • Roy Atwell (Doc)
    • Pinto Colvig (Grumpy & Sleepy)
    • Otis Harlan (Happy)
    • Scotty Mattraw (Bashful)
    • Billy Gilbert (Sneezy)
    • Eddie Collins (Dopey)
    • Moroni Olsen (The Magic Mirror)
    • Stuart Buchanan (Humbert the Huntsman)


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was the first full-length feature film from the Walt Disney Company, and was the first-ever cel animated film ever in motion picture history. Prior productions had been limited to Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony shorts. Snow White had a budget of $250,000 – ten times the budget that a Disney short required. Compare that to Walt Disney’s latest Disney Princess movie, The Princess and the Frog, which had a budget of $105 million.

Coming into this movie, I try to keep an open mind and let all my old prejudices fall behind- like how I’ve always thought Snow White’s voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard. The basic elements between Walt Disney’s version and the Brother’s Grimm remain intact- the princess & the queen with her magic mirror, the huntsman and the dwarves, and the queen’s jealousy and disguise, the apple, the glass casket, and the prince who loves her.

However, there are notable differences. The Walt Disney version involves much more magic and superstitions. The Queen in the movie involves herself in black magic, which is not mentioned in the original story, and rather than use many disguises she only needs one. The Prince appears in the beginning of the movie while Snow White is cleaning the castle rather than appearing in the end to carry away the glass coffin, setting the cinematic tone for princess stories and love at first sight.

While watching this movie, I can’t help but think about how, despite Snow White being a classic Disney movie, there are many things within the movie that are outdated and certainly can’t be a good influence for children today. The Queen being preoccupied with her vanity to the point of being more than willing to murder her stepdaughter in order to secure her attractive supremacy isn’t a message that is healthy to today’s children, specifically those who idolize princesses. Snow White intrudes into an unknown house, making herself at home without regard for the owners’ wishes, despite her good intentions. Then there are the comments, observations and general nonsense that comes from Grumpy that are drenched in male chauvinism. And perhaps it’s just me, but I also felt that Snow White’s face was remarkably inexpressive. She seemed to wear one facial expression almost the entire movie, due to the lack of detailing on her face. There is only so much one can do with the basics and some rather overwhelming spots of blush, I suppose.

Midway through the movie we get a deeper look into the dwarves’ lives, and we learn more about how their dynamic works. We see the group singing and dancing and generally having a grand old time before coming to blows over a solitary pillow. Honestly, I’d probably come to blows over a pillow, too. About the same time, the Queen discovers the huntsman’s betrayal, and we see her jealousy and hate transform her into an ugly old woman, and see how the pursuit of her need to be the fairest in the land ultimately leads to her demise. I have to say, I find the Queen as the old woman much more entertaining than her Queenly self. She seems to really get into the character of being someone else, and a certain ghastly joy comes over her as she sets out to kill off the competition.

Overall, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves deserves it’s place among the Disney classics, and Snow White herself her spot among the official Disney princess lineup. It’s a classic that every kid should see at least once in their lifetime, if nothing else but for the experience of it.


Now let me tell you how I really feel, now that I’m done being objective. This movie has fantastic scenery. You don’t get this kind of detail work in today’s animation. It really is a lost art, something that is simplified today, which is a crying shame. As far as the characters goes- the Evil Queen and Snow White herself have about as much character development as glass, meaning it’s really transparent and not a lot to it. The Evil Queen is a crazy jealous witch (literally), and Snow White is a teenage ninny who thinks that the world will be okay as long as she has her Prince. The huntsman and the dwarves have way more character development to them. The huntsman is a conflicted individual, having love for the princess but filial duty to his Queen. The dwarves, as well, are a more complicated sort, showing a broad range of emotions as they deal with Her Royal Highness, Princess Home Intruder. Seriously, who just barges into a home because a bunch of animals tells them it’s okay? Yes, I realize I’m talking about a fairy tale character here, but it’s no wonder the Evil Queen got to her in the end if she’s taking advice from woodland creatures.

Moving on. I loathe Snow White’s voice. It’s something that canines have absolutely no problem hearing, and in fact- maybe that’s why the animals could understand her; because she was speaking at a decibel that no actual human speaks at. The idea that one can meet her True Love and it be love at first sight, and have that seamlessly be a “and they lived happily ever after” ending is ridiculous. It’s also a topic that has been touched on several times in the last decade by Disney movies- Enchanted, Brave, and Frozen all discussing these subjects. I also want to note that the Queen’s name is Grimhilde and the Huntsman’s name is Humbert. I just want you to let that sink in for a minute.

Snow White does have some catchy songs, however. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sung “Hi ho, Hi ho” while en route to work. I also enjoyed how well the Disney crew dedicated themselves to giving the movie a distinctly Germanic look for the dwarves’ house, from the style of the house itself, to the furnishings and décor to the objects used inside the house during the duration of the movie. And while I think Snow White is overall a big wuss, she did have the gumption to boss the dwarves around a few times. I did have a “you go girl, you give those dwarves some rules” moment. I also think her Prince Ferdinand is probably the weakest among the Disney princes, and he seems to be more of an afterthought to this movie than anything… as if the crew went, “oh yeah, how are we supposed to end this… it has to have an ending… true loves’ kiss sounds great. Let’s throw in Prince Ferdinand for that. Oh, and let’s never say his name in the movie.” Good job. *insert sarcasm here*

Overall, I’m not a huge fan of this movie. I’d give this a 6/10 rating. I found the art of it to be better than most of the actual movie itself, and Grumpy to be irritatingly chauvinistic. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to put a fiery little female-hating man into a kids’ movie? Someone who evidently thinks that the definition of gender roles and what is accepted behavior for men and women (and between the sexes) would change. The first half of this movie could hardly hold my attention, and the second half was only held by a dwarf dance party and the Evil Queen letting her evil glee out as she trotted her merry way along to go whack her stepdaughter. This is definitely one of those movies that I could only watch maybe once a year. Tops. And if my kids beg to watch it.

-Happily ever yours, Megan King

Speeding Bullets #5

Speeding bullets has always been my article for catching you up on the latest news that needs more than just a few hundred characters on Twitter or Facebook. The primary reasoning behind each one is different and this one is mainly just me catching up. In the last few weeks a lot has happened and I feel like it’s my duty to respond to some things that have happened in the past few weeks.

Death Of X

Death of X is one story that I have been looking forward to since the first teaser for it premiered earlier this year. It’s planned to answer quite a few questions and to show us more of the story between the Inhumans and The X-Men.

Many people are already freaking out saying that Marvel has decided to kill off the X-Men entirely due to the disputes between them and Fox but I’m fairly certain that they aren’t going to stop one of their biggest properties just because they can’t make movies about them.(I’ll going more into this in my next Comics 101)

What I’ve read about this series is telling me that they are using this as a way to explain what happened in the months between Secret Wars and All-New, All-Different Marvel. Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire and Aaron Kuder are all fantastic creators and I think we’re gonna get a great story from them.

Captain America News(Statue/Hydra)

I love the idea that they are giving Captain America his own statue in Brooklyn. If any marvel character deserves one, it’s him. Everything he has stood for is what America can be at it’s greatest. We came from nothing to become something great.

That being said, Many people have already complained about the idea of Cap being Hydra all along. Which he isn’t. His reality has been altered to where he has memories implanted that never actually happened.(Captain America: Steve Rogers #2) I think the story sounds incredibly interesting and I still think Spencer and Saiz are giving us one of the better books on the shelves right now.


Unworthy Thor

Jason Aaron plays the long game, There’s no way around it but when you’re as good a writer as he is then sometimes it pays to stick to your strengths. Thor Odinson has been “Unworthy” of wielding Mjolnir for about two years.(Original Sin #8) It’s been an interesting road for him, especially when you consider the events of Time Runs Out and Secret Wars unfolding before him.

Jane Foster has taken up the hammer in his absence and become Thor herself. I’ve loved what Aaron has done with her character and I’m glad that her title isn’t being cancelled. Instead, Unworthy Thor is just going to be a partner comic to show what the Odinson will do while someone else is Thor. Who or what will he become?

Jason Aaron and Oliver Coipel are two creators that I have an extreme amount of respect for. Each of them have done separate work on two of my favorite comics in the last 20 years(Coipel: House of M. Aaron: Wolverine and The X-Men) and I have no doubt that they’ll handle this one extremely well.


New Iron Man

Here’s where every angry person wants to call me a blaspheming progressive. I love the idea of Riri Williams taking over as Iron Man. However, obviously this does raise a few very important questions like:

  • Where is Tony Stark?
  • Is He Dead?
  • Is he still undercover?(Invincible Iron Man #11)
  • If he isn’t dead then is he backing Riri?
  • Isn’t her new armor pretty awesome?

The only one I have an answer to is that last one. I love how the Iron Man suit can change in the most subtle ways and still be recognizably different. Iron Man has clearly become their flagship character and with good reason. Marvel’s story and Tony Stark’s have been very similar over the years. They both did something drastic to start off, they both became captains of industry that they have revolutionized and most importantly: people are so jealous of them that when they fall everyone comes out of nowhere to tell them how awful they are.(More on that at the end)

I think Riri is a good move. She’s a new character that was recently introduced, she’s extraordinarily intelligent and she’s a lot of fun already. I know that this seems weird but Bendis doesn’t do things without thinking them thr…              

Whoops! How did that get in there? Seriously though, if Secret Invasion and Siege are arguably your worst comics then you’re doing pretty good as a writer. Bendis has already given us a great run with Tony Stark and I have no doubt that going forward with Riri will be a lot of fun.

Divided We Stand

This image solidifies that insane question of “What is Dr. Doom doing?!” “Why is he holding an Iron Man helmet?” “Will there be a war between him and Riri as the two contenders for the Iron “Mantle”?(HA!)

In all seriousness though, this image is insane. There’s a lot of stuff happening in it especially when you bring in older characters like Foolkiller, Solo,(One of my favorite 90’s characters because he was part of a team called Six-Pack which only had five members most of the time.) Slapstick and Presumably Fin Fang Foom’s foot. It’s a very interesting teaser that showcases a lot of things coming this fall. There are a lot of notable absences in the teaser like no Sam Wilson, no Peter Parker, no Jane Foster and most notably there’s no actual sign of Tony Stark. His absence is felt the most by the hints towards him being gone such as Doom and Riri.

This picture is the teaser for the new fall season of Marvel. For those of you that don’t know, Marvel has switched to a seasonal release slate, in other words: every fall or so will mean new comics, new characters and new creators. I’m not sure how much I like that style but this fall will only be the second year for it so we’ll have to wait and see.

Another thing about this picture(and something that ComicsAlliance has already hinted towards) they’re almost split entirely by age and race. The left side is predominantly older and white and the right side is predominantly younger and diversified racially. Could there be a theme there? It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the post Civil War II Marvel Universe.

Doom as Iron Man

I haven’t been this excited about a series in a long time. Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev reuniting on one of my favorite villains? Absolutely! Sign Me Up!

This series does worry me for one reason, There’s no Tony Stark to be found. Does Tony Stark die in Civil War II? It remains to be seen. What we do know is that the solicitation for this comic says that “Tony Stark Failed” which could mean many different things and I can’t wait to find out all of the answers.



Speaking of the Teenage heroes, We now have The Champions. A team name that Marvel hasn’t used in a long time. The Champions will be headlined by Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and Nova, three characters who have been able to hold their own alongside the All-New, All-Different Avengers but now it’s time to branch out on their own. Also joining them is Hulk,(Amadeus Cho) Viv Vision and Cyclops. They’re interesting choices for the team but I think it works really well

Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos are doing the series and I’m really excited to see the return of Ramos. He’s one of my favorite artists because everything is really cartoony and fun but it doesn’t distract from the story when he does it. Waid has proved time and time again that he’s one of the greats and I can’t wait to see what he and Ramos can do.


As for new characters: Mosaic is the newest Inhuman out there and he just looks and sounds awesome. His power set is very similar to that of Deadman(DC), he can inhabit and control different bodies and is basically a ghost any other time. He’s an All-Star athlete one moment and the newest marvel hero the next.

Geoffrey Thorne and Khary Randolph are the creators of the character and they’re relatively unknown but Te-Nehisi Coates was unknown to me until April and I love his Black Panther comic and his memoir(The Beautiful Struggle) so in other words, I trust Marvel’s judgment on this one.

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is literally my favorite show on television and Season 6 was just as great as everything else they’ve done. I’m only going to speak briefly on this subject due to the coming article by WiseSage covering the entire season. I mainly just wanted to speak on my favorite episode of the season and the entire series – Episode 9: The Battle Of The Bastards.

This episode gave us so much. We got to see the battle that had been teased since the end of Book 5, We got to see Daenerys in her greatest action sequence and of course, Jon was Jon. It’s one of the greatest battles ever waged on screen and one of the most honest. The gif above shows a cavalry charge that is only challenged by “The Ride of The Rohirrim” in Return Of The King, almost everything you see is real and very little CGI was used throughout the entire episode. The fact that they were willing to spend a full three weeks focusing on this one episode shows their want to make a truly great episode and it’s clear to see throughout due the attention to detail.

Like I said, I don’t want to spoil anything and I don’t want to speak too much on this but I loved this season and the last two episodes were two of the best I’ve seen on television.

Samurai Jack Season 5

And thus, one of the greatest cartoons of all time is returning. We honestly haven’t heard much about the story or seen much of the series but we do know that we’ll get to see a Jack that has been in exile for a few years and he’s a bit darker than the last time we saw him. I can’t wait to see more of this great series and I’m sorry that I don’t have more to give you.

The only thing I demand is more of the Scotsman.

Finale: Is Marvel Losing Ground to DC?

Jesse Schedeen at IGN wrote an article endorsing DC’s Rebirth line while saying that he was unimpressed with what Marvel has planned/has been doing. He is