Game Of Thrones Recap: S6/E1 (Major Spoilers)

Seriously, stop now if you haven’t watched the newest episode…Huge, Massive Spoilers!






Alright, everybody good? We all avoided the craziness? Good. Let’s get to it.

For those of you that don’t know, Game Of Thrones is my favorite show and one of my favorite fandoms of all time. Every character is complex and brilliantly written, the surprises are done well and the plot never drags to me. It’s an amazing series.

From the show perspective, this season was the first season that I was actually anxious about. The show has finally caught up to the books and now everything that happened tonight(except for Arya) is brand new and exciting. So let’s get right into it.

Starting off at the wall was a very smart move on their part, picking right after the death of Jon Snow. They even surprised me there by only having a small group being in on his death. When I first watched it, I figured the entire Watch turned on him and they just chose those few to commit the act. Instead, it’s a solid mutiny of just a few.

Davos, Edd and a few of the other brothers get Jon to a safe room with Ghost and they prepare to defend his body against anything and anyone. They make plans to unite the wildlings and fight against Thorne and the other traitors. I’m very excited to see where this goes from here. Will Jon Snow return? Will he stay dead? We’ll focus more on this later.

Then we have to suffer through the Boltons being the Boltons. They are absolutely the worst characters on this show. Brilliant actors, terrible characters.

Then, we finally get something decently happy for a change. Theon and Sansa escape from the Boltons with the help of Brienne and Podrick. It’s a great scene and I love that Pod helped Sansa with the vows for Brienne, it really humanized her character in a way that we don’t get to see very often from her. It’s been one step forward and four steps back for Sansa since the end of Season 1 so hopefully we can actually enjoy this for a while.

We then see the best acted scene of the episode, Lena Headey as Cersei manages to turn this woman who has been an absolute monster into someone who is truly vulnerable and heartbroken. Her speech about Myrcella’s death nearly had me tear up. Her and Nikolaj Coster Waldau play off of each other very well and it’s at it’s best here.

Next up is Margarey Tyrell asking about her brother while getting the exact same treatment that Cersei got. Not a lot happens in this scene but Natalie Dormer and Jonathan Pryce are both great so I wasn’t upset seeing them on screen again.

Ah, now we’ve come to the most heartbreaking part of the entire episode. Dorne. Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes are all great characters but I hated to see Doran die without doing as much as he does in the books and it’s even worse to see Alexander Siddig die without getting more Screentime. Truly a tragic scene and then insult to injury is that they kill his son too, immediately after that. So now Dorne is run by The Sand Snakes. I’m not upset about them ruling because it’s a Dornish tradition that Man or Woman can rule but I did hate to lose Doran.

Next we catch up with everyone’s favorite Dwarf and Eunuch tag team. They’re a great pair to see on screen together, they discuss the different matter of Daenerys’ enemies and the difficulties of the city in her absence. They can then only watch as what looks to be their entire navy is burned.

Jorah and Darrio each discuss loving Dany and not getting her love in return while they are out looking for her. We’re also reminded that Jorah has Greyscale which will kill him soon.

Finally we catch up with Daenerys as she is currently in the Khalasar of Khal Maro. He thinks that she is just another woman for him to enjoy even after she reveals all of her titles and accomplishments. It isn’t until she reveals that she was the Wife of Khal Drogo that he shows her some respects but she realizes that she has to return to Vaes Dothrak to live with the other Widows of a Khal instead of returning to rule at Mereen. Emilia Clarke is always amazing and I’m interested to see how she turns this around because if we know anything about her then we know that Daenerys will make it out on top.

We finally return to the Wall to see the Standoff of Davos VS. Thorne. He knows that Thorne is lying and that everyone will be slaughtered like Jon was. He goes on and says that they still have the Red Woman…one of the men asks what can she do against an army…to which Davos responds by saying that they’ve never seen what she can do.

This is where the show ends, the final scene featuring Melisandre and destroying every man’s minds for the next few days. I intentionally didn’t mention Melisandre earlier but when she saw Jon, she was utterly heartbroken because she had seen him in the flames, fighting at winterfell. We then see her alone in her room staring into the fire. She turns towards the mirror and disrobes, she takes off her red choker and when we see her again she is no longer the young, vibrant Melisandre, Instead she is now a very old woman that appears to be living through will and magic. She crawls into her bed and goes to sleep.

I truly fear for what this means. To me, she has given up entirely after losing both Stannis and Jon, she has nothing left and nothing left to hide. Only time will tell if I’m right.

I still love this show and can’t wait for next week.

Pleasantly Surprised

Disney, Lucasfilm, Syncopy, Marvel Studios and Pixar.

These studios have all created amazing films. Sure, they’ve had a few duds here and there but overall these are the film studios that I can trust. Over the last few days I’ve been mulling over a film I saw on Friday with my best friend Nick, now you need to know a few things about him before we get into this: Nick really likes good films, films that typically involve the creative talents of people like Christopher Nolan, Alejandro Inarrittú, Rian Johnson, Jeff Nichols or Nicolas Winding Refn. He loves the idea of Cinematography, Lighting and Music coming together to form a perfect shot that is just another puzzle piece of crafting a beautiful cinematic story. Another thing to know about him is that he can be very critical of bad films. He and I have disagreed on a few different ones but mostly we can at least see the merits of a film and understand that proper contemplation is needed on a lot of what we watch. So, knowing what you know about us, we were still talking about this film yesterday.

The film is “10 Cloverfield Lane” I went into this honestly just hoping to see it before it left our small(er), picky theater but I came out of it just blown away. From the opening 10 minutes which hardly has any dialogue and instead relies heavily on visuals, to the thrilling, suspenseful finale. For me, it was just a great example of what films can return to.

Mild Spoilers for “10 Cloverfield Lane” ahead.

Nowadays, Trailers give away half of the movie in two minutes. Even my two favorite films of last year(Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens) suffered from it in smaller ways. It doesn’t make or break a movie but I’ve found that the less I know about a film, the more I like it. Word of mouth and intelligent marketing is a very important component whenever you’re releasing a new film and this one mastered it beautifully.

The marketing, like the original, for the film was one of my favorite things about it. Showing a trailer less than two months away from release and showing very little of the actual plot or dialogue was a huge risk and to me it enhanced the film quite a bit.  The fact that I didn’t know(and still don’t) if it was a sequel or an anthology film made it even better. The ending comes as a mild surprise depending on what you were expecting, I had it spoiled for me ahead of time but even though I knew the secret, it was still a great reveal and it’s because the film is just written and shot very well. At no point in this film was the finale given away and that’s another great thing that has been lost over the years.

Honestly, that’s why this film is so great. You can tell that they’re returning to older ways of film-making, The slow build-up to the finale, the occasional tracking shots and the focus on exposition through small character moments. This is genuinely one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time and I can’t wait to see where the series continues whether it is a single narrative or an entirely different film.

At the beginning of this article I named a few different production companies that I have begun to trust and I will proudly add Bad Robot to this list. J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard have all done amazing things over the last few years and ushering in Dan Trachtenberg is a great move on their part if they can keep putting out quality films like this.

Try a Little Tenderness

Possible Spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 5 and Star Wars : The Force Awakens.


Why am I making an Otis Redding reference? Well it’s because I haven’t posted much besides Rebirth and The stuff about that one movie that I don’t wanna talk about and that movie is exactly the reason for the title of this article. I’m tired of being upset and instead I’m willing to look to the future on things I’m excited/happy about.

So I decided to start this article with Game Of Thrones. Season 6 premieres on April 24th and I just cannot wait for it. Having read the five books that are out, this season is particularly exciting to me because the show is now passing the books and everything in the new season is going to be brand new for everyone. I’m ready for them to reveal that Jon isn’t a Stark…but a Targaryen and just finally affirm all of our fan theories. Here’s a clip of Liam Cunningham(Davos Seaworth) on Conan with a clip from the new season.


Next up is Rogue One : A Star Wars Story.

I Love this trailer. A big complaint of the Star Wars Universe is that everything revolves around the Skywalker Family. Which, yes, most it does but I still think it’s a stupid complaint because the Skywalkers are awesome. This film; however, has no skywalker in sight. All new characters except for Mon Mothma and maybe a few of the generals. Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker and Donnie Yen all look awesome and I can’t wait to see the beginning of the Death Star and the Beginning of the Rebellion.

Just to clarify : No, I don’t think Rey’s Mother is Jyn Erso(Jones’ Character) I just want to go ahead and clear that up.


Captain America : Civil War just looks better and better the more I see of it. Hearing that Spider-Man has about 30 minutes of Screen Time kind of worries me on one hand because I’m worried that he’ll overshadow everything but I’m also really excited to see him in it. I still think it’s going to be the best movie of the year.

Also I love the announcement that there will be a few Avengers in Spider-Man’s new movie. This shared universe is something I used to dream of, now it’s real.

The first clip is the new footage that was shown at the MTV Movies Awards. I know it’s not the best video but it was the best I could find on YouTube.

This new T.V. Spot doesn’t show any new footage but it uses the entire MCU as a lead-up to Civil War. If it doesn’t give you chills then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.


And my final little note but one that is incredibly important to me is “Comic Book Women” is a wonderful organization that is led by Mairghread Scott. They’re working to promote Women in every form of the Comic profession, whether it’s a Writer, Artist, Editor, Retailer or anything else. I think it is great that we have advanced so far through the years that we’re finally bringing women to the forefront of this industry just like women like Gail Simone and Ann Nocenti did when there were almost no other female writers in comics.

I, as Editor-in-chief fully support this organization especially because The Fandom Correspondents was originally the idea of my sister, Admin Raven.


Overall, there are many wonderful things happening out there for fans right and I only touched on a few. It’s an amazing time to be a Fandom Correspondent and I’m happy to be one.